BrandAlley is one of those magical places of the Internet where every fashion-lover can feel like a duck in water. What impresses us the most about that shop is not only its wide and rich assortment of made-to-order designer clothes, homeware, and beauty, but also its jaw-dropping discounts that make it possible to buy quality products without spending tons of money. If you haven’t visited this store yet, then keep on reading! In this article we briefly try to summarize the most important qualities of BrandAlley that may turn out important for you during your first shopping experience.

1. Clear-cut interface


This is one of the most significant qualities of BrandAlley. As you visit their site for the first time, you don’t need to worry about a complicated interface. The site is very readable which undoubtedly simplifies the navigation. On the home page you can find almost everything you need – starting from the latest, most attractive offers on top brands, ending on Terms and Conditions or Contact bookmarks. The whole site, thanks to its simplicity, will not impede with your shopping experience and, moreover, it will make it even more pleasant!

Interface grade: 5/5

2. Assortment

And now a little bit more about the most interesting part of the store – its assortment. That paragraph seems the most important of all, as product line is a store’s showcase, which can earn or repel its clients. When it comes to BrandAlley, we can’t deny that their choice of products is quite impressive. You can find there not only designer clothes for women, men and kids but also homeware & beauty products.


However, there is one aspect which attracts us most about the store and it is that their products are not only very carefully chosen but their prices are much lower than those in other commonly known stores. Everyday BrandAlley launches some new sales on top brands where you can buy your favourite products with even up to 90% discount. Every item is marked with its original and discounted price tag, so that you can clearly see how much a given product has been discounted. In one word – this shop allows you to eat cookie and still have one, as you can shop for designer items without ruining your savings!

Assortment grade 5/5

3. Customer service

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world where everybody is pleased with their choices and where everything you buy suits you well. Sometimes smaller or larger problems appear, nonetheless you can be sure that with BrandAlley you are ‘insured’ against wrong choices. You can return your products without any difficulties whatsoever.

What is more, the customer service is almost impeccable – you can contact a reliable employee that will help you to solve your problem both via telephone or e-mail. But first, you can check out the FAQ bookmark where most of your questions will probably find their answers. The next advantage is a wide variety of acceptable payment methods. You can conveniently pay for your order using PayPal or your credit and debit cards.

Customer service grade 4/5

4. Prices and discounts

As we have mentioned above, one of the stronger sides of BrandAlley are the competitive prices. Not only do they regularly launch hundreds of new, seasonal sales, but also their site features the outlet section where you can buy discounted products regardless of the season. We also have to appreciate BrandAlley’s generosity as, aside from the sales, they regularly launch some voucher codes, which can provide you with some extra savings. As if that was not enough, you can get an additional voucher to be redeemed on your next shop just for friend referral. Fancy so many discounts in just one place? Visit BrandAlley and save your money! The place where the voucher code could be redeemed is indicated on the picture below.


Prices grade 5/5

6. Overall assesment

Taking into account all the above mentioned points, we can say without a hint of hesitation that BrandAlley is a truly reliable store. It does not only provide its customer with top quality products in low prices but also takes care of the client’s shopping experience from the moment of the site entrance to the moment of the very delivery.

Final grade 19/20