Easter is really early this year, which is great news for families. It means there’s not much time to wait until you can start celebrating together. With time off school for the kids and bank holidays keeping mum and dad off work, it’s the perfect time to start exploring. And with the UK looking it’s very best in the Spring, there’s no need to head abroad either. Take a look at our guide to the best Easter adventures in the UK.

Get off the beaten track

We’re all familiar with the country’s top attractions – the Alton Towers and the Chessington World of Adventures – but it can be really rewarding to dig a little deeper and discover some more off-beat, quirky places. Who, for example, could turn down the chance to explore the Pencil Museum in Keswick in the Lake District, or to hang out with the little folk at the Gnome Reserve in North Devon? There are plenty of benefits to these types of attraction: not only will your family get the chance to see a true slice of eccentric England away from the bright lights and corporate sponsorship of the major theme parks, you’ll also get to enjoy a relaxed, fun day in each other’s company without having to spend most of your time squashed into queues and paying over the odds for food and admission. To find the best places, check out local travel guides or just follow interesting looking brown road signs for a real magical mystery tour.

Head to the seaside

seasideWhile it’s likely to still be a little chilly come Easter weekend, you and your family can still enjoy a fantastic day out soaking in the beautiful British coast. To make it easier on yourselves, avoid more remote beaches where a sudden wind or rain shower could turn your day into a disaster, and instead stick to beaches in or near towns or villages where you can take shelter if you need. Devon, Cornwall and Wales are all popular places, but given that the water will be too cold for swimming anyway why not head to some of the country’s stunning North East coast beaches? You’ll find quaint villages, miles of golden sands – and far fewer tourists to share them with. Want to make a weekend or a longer break of it? Check out sites like lastminute.com for some great deals on accommodation in fantastic locations around the UK.

Join in the fun

Don’t have the time or the budget to head far for Easter? Don’t panic! There are sure to be plenty of fun events going on near you that the whole family can enjoy. Why not take the kids on an Easter Egg hunt, or have a go at some traditional activities such as egg painting and Easter bonnet making? Check your local paper or listings website to find out what’s happening near you. Nothing going on? Why not host your own event? All it takes is a few hours planning to put together a fun activity like an Easter egg hunt that the neighbourhood children can all enjoy, and it’s a great way to get together and socialise with your neighbours too.

Easter in the city

LondonNobody really likes to visit the city in the summer – when it’s hot there’s no way of escaping it, and when it rains you’re stuck searching for shelter with thousands of other tourists. Spring, however, is a different story. Everywhere has opened up shop for the new season and there’s plenty to do, but the crowds aren’t as bad as they can be in the height of summer. Take advantage of the season and use your Easter break to explore some of the UK’s amazing cities. You could head to London and enjoy a tour of world-class free museums such as the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A, enjoy the fun of the fair at Brighton Pier or head north to see up-and-coming cities like Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds. If you’re looking to stay overnight with kids, you’re in luck. Hotel chains are cottoning on to the fact it’s not just adults that like to enjoy a city break, and are starting to offer excellent deals on family rooms with all the trimmings. For the best rates, check out sites like Booking.com that let you compare prices for different hotels in a city of your choice.