Update yourself on the most wanted tech treats of the year so far

Let’s face it, no sooner have we all run out and purchased the latest fad gadgets on the market when the next version is already hitting the shelves. If you’ve been seeking a way to stay ahead of the curve then just take a look through our guide to the hottest electronic picks on sale right now. Whatever else you plan on adding to your growing collection of winding cables in 2014, you can be sure these select few finds will never go out of style—or at least not before the end of year that is.

The Empire Strikes Back

Geek1Undoubtedly the king of kings when it comes to smartphone technology, fans of  Apple will be lining up around the block to get their hands on a brand new iPhone 6 this week. Featuring all your favourite software features inside its sleek, slimmed-down frame, the new Retina HD display is larger than any of its predecessors and is a streamlined—and far sexier—version of its former self. The increased battery life, crystal clear camera imagery and super fast wireless function… infact, need we really go on? We bet you’re already joining the queue!

Clear as a Bell

If you’re tired of experiencing audio through the tinny tones of computer speakers then it’s about time you checked out the sleek newGeek2 creations from Bose. As well as enhancing the audio experience for music lovers, they also make the ideal companion for your TV unit, gaming station or home movie theatre, offering dynamic levels of dialogue, music and sound effects you could miss with a regular set-up, and no need to keep adjusting your volume settings. Their simple designs are aesthetically sumptuous too, and look just as good as they sound. Explore their whole range and select the latest model to suit your needs when you shop online with Currys—and prepare to tune into some serious sonic wave quality.

Next Level HD Screens

Geek3At the forefront of Smart TV technology you’ll gaze into the future through the screen of the Samsung UE40F5300. On sale at Tesco—and more of a computer than a regular TV set—it offers a full catch-up service and web browsing abilities, as well as featuring Samsung’s Smart Hub via which you can access apps and online content direct from the comfort of your sofa. The 40″ LED display is light-sensitive, adjusting its brightness depending on the time of day, thus helping to keep your energy bills down too!

Dust-Busting Designs

Making housework enjoyable since they released their first ever bagless hoover onto the market, Dyson never cease to amaze with theirGeek4 creativity in the vacuum cleaner department. At the top of every housewives’ wishlist is the DC58 Handheld Cleaner on sale from Debenhams; which is not only the most powerful cordless design of its kind, but offers long run-time powerful suction and helps you to remove hair and dust from those previously hard to reach corners of your home.

Laundry Day—Like Never Before

Geek5The re-invention of yet another chore we never usually enjoy, the Smeg WMFABRO1 is here to change the way we think the least-looked-forward-to day of the week with its gorgeous retro look exterior available in three adorable pastel colours or plain black—and a carbon footprint reducing design. On sale now at Appliances Online, you can take care of your clothes across its 15 wash programmes for as little as £35 a year, which is all it costs to run once installed!

Clickety Click

Photography fiends, no need to fret; we are well aware that this list simply would not be complete without a mention of the latest inGeek6 digital camera technology. From Canon to Nikon and all the snap-happy brands in between, our electronics category page is full of bright ideas worth adding to your camera bag, as well as a host of superb discounts off top-range models, lenses and accessories too.