Give your nest a cosy makeover before all the fun and feasting ahead begins

As blustery days start blowing in this is undoubtedly one of the most fleetingly beautiful times of the year, and as far as interior design is concerned this is also one of the best moments to soak up inspiration from the great outdoors. Take cues from the glorious colour palette bringing our gardens to life and the fresh produce making its way from the fields to your fridge. Hot chocolate, lots of layers, and plenty more ideas below in our guide to bedding down for the winter.

Toasty and Warm

1Keeping the chill off at night is just one all-important task to attend to as the daylight starts to fade. In their energy-efficient collection, Best Heating not only have a number of ideas to help you do just that, but they’ve got elegant design concepts galore too. Choose from their stunning range of designer radiators, underfloor heating units and electric towel rails and see just how much you can save on annual bills by updating your old system for the latest in heating technology—without compromising on style.

Leaf Sweeping Solutions

The trees may look incredible at this time of year, but they don’t half make a mess of our2 garden lawns when they’re finally finished shedding all of those crispy leaves! If you’re looking for some quick and easy tools for tidying up your outdoor areas then have a look at the many rakes, wheelbarrows and gardening sets on sale at The Range—and keep your garden patio looking spick and span.

Food Glorious Food 

3From crunchy root vegetables to juicy berries, our tables are simply spilling over with tasty treats right now. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to combine the different seasonal flavours on display there’s no shortage of recipes for preparing warming dishes over at Sainsbury’s. Take a look at their selection of fresh soups, top tips for baking home-cooked delights and a whole range of other ideas for making the most of the autumn harvest produce which lines their well-stocked shelves.

Fresh Colour Palettes

As the sunshine makes its final farewell we’re going to have to think of new ways to brighten4 up our days over the months ahead. If you’ve been thinking about giving the place a lick of paint for sometime then why not take a look at the affordable emulsions on offer at B&Q this season? Their team of experts are on hand to help to mix up the perfect pot, or try revamping your rooms with a colourful wallpaper design.

Set The Mood

5Nothing adds a more warm and welcoming glow to your home than soft lighting—and as it’s already going dark by teatime soon you’re probably in need of some too! Why not take this opportunity to update your old energy-hungry bulbs and explore the world of bright and environmentally-friendly LED ones instead? The range at LED Hut covers all the most common fittings right up to outdoor flood lighting as well as spotlights and solar-powered ideas too.

Log Cabin Chic

Although minimalism is usually key when it comes to Swedish furniture giant IKEA, their6 location so far North does seem to have taught them a thing or two about maximising the cosy factor at home. The secret? First of all the addition of contrasting fabrics and soft furnishings—that means throws on the sofa, thick curtains and plenty of blankets to snuggle up in—all combined with a collection of fluffy cushions, and the occasional statement sheepskin rug.

Autumnal Arts and Crafts

7Especially if you’ve got little ones running around your abode, getting creative and making your own accessories together can add a lovely personal touch to your living space. The garden is a good place to start right now, with all the offerings just waiting to be found lying around on the ground. Add colours, textures and pick up all the extra crafting materials you might need when you visit our home & garden category page.