Fight the flab, beat stress and detox all the way to a brand new you 

Perhaps the hardest type of procrastination to overcome is the one that keeps us doing practically anything else other than donning our sweats and getting down to the gym for a spin class. As the holiday’s are just around the corner this might be a good time to start thinking about a motivational kick in the right direction, so we’ve put together a few ideas on how you can get started with a fresh and healthy routine to close up 2014.

Clean Out Your Cupboards

1The first place to start when you’re thinking about healthy living is what kinds of foodstufffs inhabit your fridge. When you join up for a course at Weight Watchers you might be surprised to learn how many calories each of your daily ingredients are stealthily concealing—and the kinds of incredibly tasty dishes you can prepare which hardly contain any at all!

Calm Your Mind

If the very thought of stepping on a treadmill in front of gym full of prying eyes makes you2 feel self-conscious then why not opt for a more soothing approach to getting fit—and reduce stress at the same time? There are various types of yoga and meditation classes available so you can find a rhythm that suits you. Look the part by shopping online with Sweaty Betty and choosing from their range of carefully-designed workout wear.

Nature: The Ultimate Gym Buddy

3There’s no reason why all of your fitness regime needs to be confined to an indoor setting. The extreme sports clothing specialists at Blacks understand better than most that there’s nothing quite as invigorating as going for a run amongst wild open scenery—and they’ve got all the right footwear for getting out and exploring that rugged terrain.

Build Muscle & Strength

Even if you’re addicted to the gym, visit everyday after work and even on weekends, there 4are still a few extra things you could be doing to push your workout a little harder—and also ways to make it work harder for you! If you take a look across our Sports Category Page there are plenty of great offers to be found on vitamins and supplements including the carefully-sourced blends available from The Protein Works. Their website allows you to shop by your goal, the time you prefer to complete your workout or the kinds of products you’re usually using on a daily basis. As they’re longtime experts in their field, they even have an own online community of sports experts and fanatics which can be a valuable resource if you’re just heading out on a new healthy-living venture.

Learn To Lift Weights

5There are certain ways to get in shape that require a little more practice than others, and lifting weights falls into this category. Setting up a studio at home? Then you’re going to need to make sure you have all the right equipment beforehand—so be sure take a look at the wide selection on off at Fitness Superstore. They stock a huge range of equipment for all levels of experience from absolute beginners to expert athletes, and plenty of tips on how to get the best out of their products too!

Treat Your Feet Right

As they’re going to be carrying you through the majority of your workout sessions, you want6 to make sure that your shoes fit properly from the word go! There’s nothing like than an ill-fitting trainer to squash your spirits when you’re half way through a gruelling session, so pick up a pair of fresh new kicks at Sports Direct before you hit the gym for the first time. Their selection for both men and women blends functionality with fashion across the designs, so your feet can look as good as they feel.