Top back to school fashion tips for the coolest kids in class 

Time to polish those school shoes once again because it’s that time of year whether kids like it or not! Here’s guessing that school books have been gathering dust underneath the bed all summer, and if the thought of squeezing back into starchy shirts and scratchy trews is getting everyone down in the dumps then we’ve got some simple ideas to help banish those back to school blues. Follow our guide to all the latest styles prepped to pour across school yards this autumn, and impress your brood with backpacks full of expert knowledge. In addition to the illusive cool points up for grabs—read on to pick up a few bargains to boot!

Pic1Smells Like Teen Spirit

Although in an ideal world you want to send your kids into school looking as scrubbed up and smart as can be, truth is that they’re not going to earn much in the way of street cred this season without a grungy slouch in their step. It’s all about oversized woolen styles—whether that be jumpers, hats or cardigans—twinned with ripped denim, ill-fitting t-shirts and grubby converse-style footwear. The likelihood is that teenagers are going to be looking back to the early 90s for inspiration this autumn, so why not stick on some classic Nirvana tracks as you browse through our fashion category page for plenty of creative ideas, and great savings too!

Trinkets That Stand Out From The CrowdPic2

If uniform regulations are on the stricter side of things then accessories can be a great way for teens to express their individuality. This season it’s all about quirky jewellery pieces that shine, adorned with loveable characters or featuring geometric shapes. Designs are sticking to the subtler side of things—so think slim chain necklaces and light-weight rings in brushed gold and silver tones. For more ideas take a look at the Dorothy Perkins website, and their cute collection of jewellery and accessories, which is spot in terms of all the latest trends.

Pic3Playground-Ready Prints

Getting teens to wrap warm up as the weather gets colder can be tough, but this winter patterned legwear is coming back in a big way—and Debenhams have plenty of cosy designs in their range which score high on both fashion and functionality. As comfy as they come, leggings and printed tights are a great way to make a statement and customise your back to school look. Team them up with trainers whilst you’re still kicking autumn leaves and then add some cosy socks, ankle boots and a long knitted scarf for when the first sign of snow sets in.

Teen-Friendly Toiletries

If there’s one thing kids struggle with when the stress of first-week-back nerves set in it’s skin trouble—and no wonder when there’s so many new and confusing hormones flying around. Save the day by keeping it simple and shop for tailored treatments at online beauty boutique Feel Unique. Their team of experts have plenty of advice for young and sensitive skin, so it doesn’t have to mean there’s a breakdown occurring at the mere sight of a blemish!

Boho BeautiesPic4

The final addition to any back to school wardrobe is of course a stylish school bag. Not only does this trusty companion need to be sturdy, lightweight and big enough to fit a veritable menagerie of objects within—but more importantly, it’s got to look cool slung over a laid-back shoulder everyday. We’re really loving the simple, affordable range on offer at Bonprix this autumn. From backpacks to shoulder bags, and too-cute totes, their collection features plenty of simple unisex styles, alongside a selection of fashionable bohemian prints, which are combined with hardy leather buckle details and easy-to-clean fabrics.