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Aer Lingus
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Aer Lingus promo code

Aer Lingus offers you cheap flights between airports in the UK without the nightmares of low-cost airlines. The company has prepared an amazingly wide offer of destinations that you can explore at a fraction of a cost if you redeem your Aer Lingus promo code. The sooner you do that, the better, as some of these vouchers are gone within minutes!

Last updated on 2016-07-15

About Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is a regional, Ireland-base carrier that, despite its relatively small size, has left a significant mark on the airline market in the British Isles. The company is one of the few ways in which Irish travellers from all over the world make their way back to their homeland. And with an Aer Lingus promo code offering great discounts on a huge range of flights, it’s easy and cheap to get exploring.

A fleet of over 40 planes might be a small one compared to other airlines, but small size often guarantees paying attention to the smallest of details, which is exactly what Aer Lingus does. Redeeming your Aer Lingus promo code can get you a nice bonus on your next flight, so don’t forget to grab one before booking your next trip.

Aer Lingus has a few operating bases located in Ireland and two in London: Gatwick and Heathrow. The company primarily offers flights between cities within the UK and the Republic of Ireland, as well as transatlantic routes. With an Aer Lingus discount code you can book a flight to the US for example at a fraction of the cost, making them definitely worth your while to use.

Flight with Aer Lingus

Facts about Aer Lingus

  • Founded in 1936
  • 47 planes in the fleet
  • Revenue in 2012: 1393 million euro

How to save at Aer Lingus?

To redeem your Aer Lingus voucher code when making your booking, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit aerlingus.com and configure your search query.
  2. Provide all the details necessary: airport, destination, number of travellers. In the „Promo code“ box type in your Aer Lingus discount code to get a discount.
  3. Click „Book now“ so that the system starts the search.
  4. Choose the option that suits you best and click continue.
  5. Read all the rules that are in force during the flight. Agree by ticking the respective box and click Continue.
  6. Move to next sections and choose your plane seats.
  7. Next is payment section, provide all the details necessary.
  8. Enjoy the savings at Aer Lingus!

Aer Lingus cart

Aer Lingus on YouTube

Aer Lingus has always used YouTube as one of the mainstays of its promotional activities. This website allows the PR executives to present the company in a manner that will leave an impression in customers‘ minds. There you may also get to know how you can redeem an Aer Lingus voucher.

Assortment, Products & Brands

Aer Lingus may not be a gigantic airline, but it is still a company that provides service for almost 10 million people per year. It’s unknown how many of those flyers decided to choose the company because of lower prices and an Aer Lingus discount code, but we assume that it is a very effective temptation.

  • Flights from Belfast
  • Flights from Cork
  • Flights from London-Gatwick
  • Flights from London-Heathrow
  • Flights from Shannon
  • Flights from Dublin
  • Flights from Manchester
  • Flights from Glasgow
  • Flights from Birmingham
  • Flights from Blackpool
  • Flights from Aberdeen
  • Hotels
  • Car Hire
  • Flights to Boston
  • Flights to Chicago
  • Flights to Cork
  • Flights to Dublin
  • Flights to New York
  • Flights to San Francisco
  • Flights to Washington
  • Flights to Toronto

Don’t forget to redeem your Aer Lingus promo code at the checkout to get those big savings!

Flights to Boston by Aer Lingus

How to shop at Aer Lingus

Book at Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus has always tried to make technical intricacies as straight forward as possible. Maybe that’s why the company has one of the easiest interfaces out there when it comes to booking a flight. Even the Aer Lingus promo code can be redeemed here with ease!

  1. Visit aerlingus.com and start the configuration of your search query.
  2. Provide you airport, destination and all other details. Tick the „Promo code“ box and type in your Aer Lingus voucher code to get a discount.
  3. Click „Book now“ for the engine to find hits for your query.
  4. Choose the option that suits you best both on inbound and outbound flights. Click continue.
  5. Read all the rules you must adhere to during and before the flight. Agree by ticking the respective box and click Continue.
  6. Move to the „Essentials“ section and choose your seats.
  7. Move to payment section, provide all the details necessary.
  8. Enjoy the savings at Aer Lingus!

Payment options at Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus accepts the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Diner’s Club
  • American Express

Payment at Aer Lingus

Shipping and returns at Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus allows customers to receive refunds only in very specific cases. In general, these are acknowledged only when your flight has been disrupted. Otherwise, customers are entitled to the refund of their airport taxes minus administration fees.

Shipping at Aer Lingus

How to Contact Aer Lingus Customer Support

Aer Lingus is always ready to tackle any issues you may have with the company. The firm has a reputation of being one of the most reliable on the market, but we all know that sometimes, for example, when making a booking in a hurry, mistakes can happen. In such cases you are encouraged to contact Aer Lingus Customer Support. They most definitely will be ready to answer any questions relating to flights, or even how to use Aer Lingus vouchers.

To contact them, use the link below:

Aer Lingus Customer Support

Aer Lingus Customer Support

Aer Lingus Social Media

Aer Lingus enjoys receiving feedback from customers. One of the means of getting information on how customers judge the company is social media. People eagerly comment on the company’s services, and are usually quite merciless in pointing out mistakes. Have an issue you would like the airline to devote attention to? Then don’t hesitate to write it on their Facebook wall. Been wondering how to redeem an Aer Lingus voucher? Tweet them and find out!

Like Aer Lingus on Facebook


Aer Lingus on Facebook

Follow Aer Lingus on Twitter

Keep up with Aer Lingus on Google+

Follow Aer Lingus on Pinterest

Read about Aer Lingus on Wikipedia

Social media is all about getting people together. Amassed individuals then have opportunities to discuss certain issues, exchange opinions, review destinations, or comment on the company’s services. Aer Lingus’s social media pages are booming with this kind of information. There you can also get to know how to redeem your Aer Lingus discount code, or maybe even receive an exclusive one!

Mobile shopping at Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus knows how difficult it can be to plan your travel. It is also fully aware that customers often arrange their trips in the most diverse places. Universal access to mobile devices connected to the Internet has opened a lot more opportunities to explore, which can be done even easier by downloading the official Aer Lingus apps. Remember that you may also redeem your Aer Lingus promo code when using them! So instead of visiting aerlingus.com why not use these links?

Aer Lingus on IOS

Aer Lingus on Android


Aer Lingus on IOS


Because they are affordable and travel to so many destinations, Aer Lingus flights are a great way to see the world on a budget. And to help your money go even further, they regularly run sales and offers that allow you to book flights for even cheaper prices! For example, right now you can save $50 on round trips between Ireland and the US. All you need to do is visit their offers page and get ready to pack! And don’t forget to add your Aer Lingus promo code at the checkout to enjoy even bigger savings!


Are you the sort of person who’s always dreaming about your next holiday? Why not brighten up your day by subscribing to the regular Aer Lingus newsletter and getting all your travel inspiration delivered direct to your desktop. Packed full of news, exclusive offers, travel tips and more, the Aer Lingus newsletter is a great way to stay up to date with everything that’s happening in Ireland and beyond. All you need to do is visit aerlingus.com and enter your email address to subscribe. You’ll even receive the latest Aer Lingus promo code by email, so you can keep saving!

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Aer Lingus

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About Aer Lingus
Chris Yancey

Chris YanceyAuthor

Being a smaller airline company, Aerlingus.com is a place that puts a lot of focus on the needs of every customer, which is why I often book flights there. Not only that, but the company also encourages flyers to save on their services by using an Aer Lingus promo code, which definitely pays off. I got a great bonus off of my flight to New York a few months ago by using an Aer Lingus discount code, which allowed me to spend even more in the Big Apple!


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