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Avg code

Whether it’s the most recent Heartbleed virus or something far more serious, in this day and age your computer is never safe unless you’re securing it yourself. With AVG you can rest assured that your computer is protected from the worst the hacking world has to throw at you, and with an AVG code you can do it for less.

  • AVG PC TuneUp

    AVG PC TuneUp for £35.99

    Verified: 12.04.2018


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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  • AVG Internet

    AVG Internet Security for £54.99 / year

    Verified: 12.04.2018


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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  • AVG AntiVirus

    AVG AntiVirus from £39.99

    Verified: 12.04.2018


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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  • Free 30-day trial

    Free 30-day trial

    Verified: 12.04.2018


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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Last updated on 2016-02-02

About AVG

In the age of rampant internet security threats, what could be more vital than an anti-virus software designed to keep you safe in an unsafe world. And for a company like AVG technologies, keeping up with the changing world of internet security is demonstrative of a commitment to excellence so rarely exhibited by companies in this day and age.

Originally launched in Czechoslovakia in 1992, AVG was first developed as “Anti-Virus Guard,” a software product from the brand Grisoft that was originally given away for free to help raise awareness of the product line. It wasn’t until 2006 that the AVG security software began to include anti-spyware and by 2009 identity theft prevention software.

As of today, AVG technologies counts 106 million users of the AVG anti-virus software inlacing but not exclusively limited to the free software originally developed in 1992.

With common functionality including periodic scans, monitoring of sent and received emails, and even a highly developed capacity for repairing virus-infected files that accompanies a quarantine area, it’s not hard to see why millions of users the world over have chosen AVG.

Facts about AVG

  • Launched as Anti-Virus Guard in 1992

Redeeming an AVG Gift card/certificate

Don’t spend another day unprotected, take your AVG code online and get yourself some top of the line security.

To redeem your AVG Code when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to AVG online and choose from the select options available for the software that meets your needs.
  2. When you’ve found something that seems perfect for your security requirements, click to learn more and decide whether it’s worthy of your AVG code.
  3. With your AVG code in hand, select “Buy Now” and get ready to save.
  4. Update the quantity if you need more than one, and then click “Continue” to get on with the savings from your AVG discount code.
  5. Update your billing address and provide payment details before redeeming your AVG code.
  6. When you have the chance, enter your AVG code where you are prompted to do so and and redeem your AVG discount code with your order.
  7. Finalize your payment with the AVG code attached and start saving on your security with all the AVG offers you’ve collected.

Simple isn’t it? So don’t hesitate any longer, and start taking advantage of the products that AVG offers for even lower prices!

AVG on YouTube

Whether you’re keening to learn more about the process of cyber-sercurity or just hankering for a handy AVG code, you’ll find it all on YouTube with AVG:

How to shop at AVG

Don’t spend another moment without the security you deserve, start shopping at AVG today and protect yourself against threats known and unknown. Bring your AVG code to bear on the biggest risks of our time, and get started today by shopping online at AVG.

  1. Begin browsing at AVG and don’t stop until you’ve found the software that’s right for you
  2. When you’ve found that special something to solve all of your security problems, click to learn more and choose whether this is the way you want to spend your AVG code.
  3. Bring the power of your AVG code to bear by clicking “Buy Now” and get ready to save.
  4. If you need more than one piece of software, now’s the time, but if you’re ready to go click “Continue” and start saving right away with your AVG discount code.
  5. Provide your billing address and then add your payment details before going through with the application of your AVG code to this order.
  6. When applicable, add your AVG code in the space provided, and click to apply your AVG code to this particular order.
  7. Get your security on with your AVG code attached and the savings you’ve earned by finalizing your order.

Payment options at AVG

AVG accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

Now that you are familiar with the many available payment options you have, don’t forget to grab and redeem your AVG code before finalizing your purchase!

Shipping and returns at AVG

If you need to return a product for any reason to AVG, you can do so by following these easy steps:

  • Contact AVG customer support and find out the best way to obtain a refund.
  • Follow the steps provided by the AVG customer support team until you’ve secured your safe return.

Having a Problem? How to Contact AVG Customer Support

If you have questions about the best way to secure your digital life, don’t hesitate to contact AVG customer support, and while you’ve got them on the line ask about the AVG offers that will help you secure yourself:


AVG Social Media

Social media isn’t just the best way to keep in touch with friends, family and all the rest of them, social media can also be the key to your security.

AVG social networks can be found on the following links:

  • Like AVG on Facebook
  • Follow AVG on Twitter
  • Keep up with AVG on Google+
  • Follow AVG on Instagram
  • Stay in touch with AVG on Pinterest
  • Learn more about AVG on Wikipedia

Don’t forget to check them often, as you can never be sure when a free AVG Code might be waiting for you!

Mobile shopping at AVG

Keep security at the front of your mind for all of your devices with AVG for mobile:

The official AVG apps can be found here:


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AVG Online Shop on June 2022
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About AVG

Avg.com is known for having some of the best free, and paid computer protection (antivirus, security suite) in the business, and customers on the lookout for new software can take advantage of an AVG code or an AVG discount code to reduce the price of their purchases! AGV offers software that doesn’t bog down your computers resources, while at the same effectively offering protection that you can depend on. Now you can also have a price you can depend on by using an AVG voucher, which is free to use and takes seconds to redeem!


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