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Cadbury Gifts
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Cadbury Gifts Voucher Codes

Even if you don’t buy that it might actually prevent a Dementor attack, there aren’t many things chocolate isn’t good for. From warming up a cold winter night to providing sweet, creamy delight to young and old, rich and poor, people the world over can’t ever get enough of chocolate, and the good people of Cadbury do chocolate just about better than anyone else. Have you already picked up you Cadbury Gifts discount code to start shopping there for less?

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About Cadbury Gifts

Cadbury creme eggBringing the joy of chocolate to friends and families the world over, Cadbury Gifts is the online shop arm of the multinational confectionery company owned by Mondelez International. As the second largest confectionary company in the world, Cadbury brings in an annual revenue of more than 11 billion euros annually.

Best known for the big earners including Dairy Milk, Creme Eggs, the Roses selection box and my personal favourite, the Kinder Egg, Cadbury has earned a reputation for chocolatey goodness over years of confectionary excellence.

Originally established in 1824 by John Cadbury was a tea, coffee and chocolate merchant who built up the business with his brother Benjamin and later turned it over to his sons Richard and George.

Innovations in chocolate such as the decision to introduce a higher proportion of milk to Cacao in the Dairy Milk bar of 1905 helped Cadbury to develop a loyal following among young and old across the UK. As of 2013, Cadbury operates out of a head office in the Uxbridge business park in London, with more than 200 employees manning the home base and more than 1000 operating at the primary Bournville production site. Operating offices across the world and exporting chocolate to countries on nearly every continent, Cadbury is truly a global phenomenon.

Facts about Cadbury Gifts

  • Headquarters in London
  • 71657 Employees worldwide
  • Subsidiary of Mondelez International

Redeeming an Cadbury Gifts Gift card/certificate

To redeem your Cadbury Gifts Discount code when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Start shopping for the perfect gift online with your Cadbury Gifts discount code.
  2. Search for gift ideas by holiday, occasion or chocolate and when you see something that leaves your sweet tooth tingling, click “Info” to learn more.
  3. Read up on all the delicious details, and when you’ve decided this is how you want to save with your Cadbury Gifts discount code, click “Add to Basket” and then select the basket icon at the top right hand side of the screen.
  4. Review your order but before you start salivating, redeem that Cadbury Gifts Discount code.
  5. In the box labelled “Discount Code” enter your Cadbury Gifts discount code and select “Update” to redeem your Cadbury Gifts voucher code savings with your order.
  6. When your Cadbury Gifts discount code savings are showing on your order, click “Checkout” to secure your Cadbury Gifts voucher code.
  7. To fast track your Cadbury Gifts discount code savings, click “Continue without logging in” and input your delivery details.
  8. Review your order summary and double check for those Cadbury Gifts discount code savings before moving on to the final payment.
  9. Submit your order and make sure to leave room for dessert, a sweet treat is on the way.

Cadbury Gifts shopping cart

Cadbury Gifts on YouTube

The tagline reads as follows: “As he begins to eat his Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz, it triggers him to spontaneously embark on an exuberant dance around the airport in his purple shoes”…now come on, tell me you don’t want to check out that YouTube channel.

Cadbury Gifts Discount code– Assortment, Products & Brands

A Cadbury Gifts discount code will buy you not only the best in chocolatey decadence but also incredible deals on all sorts of gifts:

  • Chocolate
  • Gift Baskets
  • Beverages
  • Toys
  • Boxes

And so very, much more.

Chocolates by Cadbury Gifts

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How to shop at Cadbury Gifts

Start satisfying your sweet tooth today by shopping online at Cadbury Gifts:

  1. Begin browsing for the best in chocolatey gifts with your Cadbury Gifts discount code.
  2. Browse by light, dark, milk or white, and search for your favourite sweet or look for inspiration by holiday and then click “Info” to learn more.
  3. After you’re sure of how you want to spend your Cadbury Gifts voucher code savings, click “Add to Basket” and then click on the basket icon to start the checkout process.
  4. Check over your order and make sure that you have everything that you need before you shop and save with your Cadbury Gifts Discount code.
  5. Enter your Cadbury Gifts discount code in the box labelled “Discount Code” and choose “Update” to apply your Cadbury Gifts voucher code savings to the sweet treats you’ve so carefully selected.
  6. When you see your Cadbury Gifts discount code safely applied to your order choose “checkout” to finish up your payment with your Cadbury Gifts voucher code.
  7. Checkout without logging in to your account by clicking “Continue without logging in” and input your delivery details.
  8. Go over your order with an eye to your Cadbury Gifts discount code, and ensure that you’ve saved before you move on to the final payment stage of the checkout process.
  9. Submit your order and start saving room for all of those sweet treats you’ll be savoring so very soon.

Shopping at Cadbury Gifts

Payment options at Cadbury Gifts

Cadbury Gifts accepts the following payment methods with every Cadbury Gifts discount code:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Payments

Payment at Cadbury Gifts

Shipping and returns at Cadbury Gifts

Shipping and handling charges for Cadbury Gifts are:

  •  If your order value is £10 or below, delivery costs £3.95.
  • If the total price of your order is more than £10, then the delivery charge is £5.50.
  • If you would like to upgrade until next working day delivery, the cost will be an additional £6.50.

If you need to return a product for any reason to Cadbury Gifts, you can do so by following these easy steps:

  • Parcel up your unwanted order and include your order number and billing address with the parcel within 7 days of receiving your order.
  • Indicate whether you would prefer a refund or an exchange and mail your parcel back to Cadbury Gifts.

Shipping at Cadbury Gifts

Having a Problem? How to Contact Cadbury Gifts Customer Support

Chat about the perfect chocolate or look for the best way to save with a Cadbury Gifts discount code, do it all with Cadbury Gifts customer support:


Cadbury Gifts customer support

Cadbury Gifts Social Media

Cadbury Gifts social networks can be found on the following links:

Like Cadbury Gifts on Facebook

Cadbury Gifts on Facebook

Follow Cadbury Gifts on Twitter

Keep up with Cadbury Gifts on Google+

Follow Cadbury Gifts on Instagram

Don’t forget to check them often, as you can never be sure when a free Cadbury Gifts Discount code might be waiting for you!

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Cadbury Gifts

Cadbury Gifts Online Shop on December 2023
Buy now online at www.cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk.

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About Cadbury Gifts
Julie Chavez

Julie ChavezAuthor

Who doesn't love chocolate? Thanks to the Cadbury Gifts discount code I found online, now I can give the gift of chocolate to everyone I love. A Cadbury Gifts voucher code can be exchanged at cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk for discounts on a fantastic range of hampers, selection boxes and even personalised chocolate bars – all ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or just because. I used my Cadbury Gifts discount code to get a great deal on a chocolate and beer combination pack for my husband. So now even he's a fan of using a Cadbury Gifts voucher code!


Cadbury Gifts Direct

Unit 2 Melmerby Green Road Barker Business Park Melmerby
HG4 5NB North Yorkshire
Telephone hotline:0845 600 3113
Availability:Monday-Friday 9-5pm
Terms & conditions:Terms and conditions of the online shops
Payment options:AmexMultitransferPaypalVisaAmazon paymentsMastercardMaestro
Shipping to: EuropeGreat Britain (GB)other countries
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