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Crystal Travel
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Crystal Travel promo code

Everyone has dreamt about travelling at some point in their lives. But maybe you stopped because you could not afford them? Now, this obstacle is gone! Visit our website and get a unique Crystal travel discount code or a voucher to gain a discount for the holidays of your life! Flights, accommodations, insurance and entire packages where everything is prepared for you can all be purchased using our voucher codes, allowing you to travel safely, comfortably and cheaply!

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Last updated on 2017-05-27

About Crystal Travel

Being one of the largest providers of holiday products and services, Crystal Travel has reliable expertise in the field of the travel industry. Their employees are a team of committed people ready to prepare and organise the perfect journey for you.

When buying a holiday trip at Crystal Travel, for instance with a discount code, you can choose from over 150 different airlines and 65,000 hotels. Additionally, Crystal Travel holds the customer’s convenience and satisfaction at the highest priority, which is why there are a variety of ways that you can book a trip, including phone, website, mail or via retail outlets in Central and East London.

Facts about Crystal Travel

  • Crystal Travel is the largest online portal connected to travel offering its services in the United Kingdom
  • Established in 1986
  • Offers more than 65000 hotels worldwide

Redeeming a Crystal Travel Gift card/certificate

To use your Crystal Travel discount code when booking a holiday, flight, or a hotel, firstly, choose the services you would like to purchase. Then, when you have decided upon details of the journey or dates of accommodation, proceed on to filling in payment information. At this point at the Crystal Travel website, a blank field should be available in which you can paste or write in the voucher code you received from the Crystal Travel voucher / coupon. Fill in the blank and enjoy your discount and your trip!

Crystal Travel on YouTube

If you want to get more information about the company or about their promotions and voucher codes, you can also subscribe their YouTube channel at this link:

Crystal Travel discount code – Flights, Hotels & City Breaks

Who doesn’t enjoy it to get away from work, everyday life and daily problems once in a while? Crystal Travel can make that possible. Their website contains amazing deals within the City Breaks category. City Breaks are a perfect opportunity for those who would like to take a short break from their routine, but are quite busy at the same time.  

How to shop at Crystal Travel

Organising a journey or a holiday trip can be tiresome, at times difficult, and time consuming. So why not have it done for you? Booking everything at the Crystal Travel website using our promo code or a voucher will allow you not only to save precious time, but also to save money.

To book your holidays all you need to do is follow these directions:

  1. Choose whether you want to reserve a package holiday, a flight, or accommodation.
  2. Click on the chosen trip/flight or a hotel.
  3. Enter the details connected with the service you have chosen, e.g. the number of passengers, dates of arrival and departure etc.
  4. Proceed to the next step of deciding on the payment method and confirming the reservation.
  5. Fill in the required details and your Crystal Travel discount code.
  6. Enjoy your trip and the discount!

Payment options at Crystal Travel

Crystal Travel accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Internet banking
  • Or you can choose payment in cash while personally visiting one of the Crystal Travel stationary offices

Of course, no matter which of the above payment options you choose when paying for your ideal holidays, you can always use a Crystal travel discount code or a promotional code to lower the price! 

Electronic tickets and cancelling reservations at Crystal Travel

At Crystal Travel you often will come across something called “an electronic ticket”. It is an innovative solution for paperless ticketing. An electronic ticket has lots of practical advantages over its paper counterpart, and what’s even more important – it’s cheaper, quicker and easier to obtain for a customer like you!

When it comes to cancelling reservations at Crystal Travel, you can naturally do so, but you need to consider the following:

  1. There are specific rules about booking and cancelling tickets at every airline, usually “economy restricted” tickets that are non-refundable and non-changeable.
  2. It is the airline, not Crystal travel, which decides upon refunds.
  3. The Crystal Travel fee for proceedings with ticket cancellation and refunds is £50, but does not include any airline charges.

Having a Problem? How to Contact Crystal Travel Customer Support

Next to giving you all you need to book your dream vacation, solving problems is what Crystal Travel is best at. Booking your trip can be difficult enough at times, so Crystal Travel simplifies the process as much as it is possible. Nevertheless, if a problem arises, you can count on their customer-friendly support team that can help you solve any issue you may have. To contact their worldwide 24/7 client support, click on this link:


Crystal Travel Social Media

As almost every website often does nowadays, Crystal Travel has also reached out to its current customers and future clients by creating pages at social networks.

To interest site’s visitors even more, Crystal Travel also writes a blog that is related to travelling. However, it is not a regular travel blog, as it provides inspiration as well as descriptions of various places and leisure activities.   


To learn more about Crystal Travel, their promo code, promotions and voucher codes, visit their social networks by following links below:

Be sure to check out the social pages regularly at Crystal Travel, as you may be surprised when you can find a new available Crystal Travel promo code or discount voucher waiting for you to use!

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Crystal Travel

Crystal Travel Online Shop on June 2022
Buy now online at www.crystaltravel.co.uk.

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About Crystal Travel
Chris Yancey

Chris YanceyAuthor

Getting a good price on your next vacation is pretty easy to do if you’re shopping at Crystaltravel.co.uk, but so is reducing the cost even more by using a Crystal Travel discount code! A Crystal Travel promotional code can knock quite a bit off the cost of that dream trip to Thailand or for your honeymoon to Maldives, and takes just a few seconds to use! Using Crystal Travel voucher codes is very easy to do and has only positiive benefits, so why not grab your Crystal Travel promo code today to save more on your next trip?


Crystal Travel

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W1W 7ES London
Telephone hotline:+44 (0) 0800 368 5025
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