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Elemis offers

Elemis is a visionary and professional spa brand with all the right ingredients to make your skin look and feel amazing! If you want to remove impurities and close pores, or if you simply want to take good care of your skin, then Elemis is probably for you! Their cleansers, toners and facial washes are made only from earth's natural resources, and now you can get them for even lower prices thanks to our Elemis voucher code!

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Last updated on 2016-12-22

About Elemis

Cream by Elemis Elemis is a spa brand which uses breakthrough developments and science to create the best product for your skin. Elemis products are used around the world by as many as 6.5 million spa-goers per year. The mixture of natural ingredients and new technology is what has helped to make Elemis such a prominent company in the beauty industry.

Elemis was founded in 1989 in London by Linda Steiner. The goal was to create a range of top shelf products that will satisfy the needs of customers that value the importance of skin care.

Elemis products and spa therapies are available around the globe in over 1200 spas and salons, as well as day-spa flagship stores in London, Miami and Bangkok. The Elemis brand coupled with the outstanding results of their products have secured them place in leading retail stores, cruise line spas, and in many luxurious 5-star resorts.

Elemis's products have won many awards for their efficiency when it comes to anti-ageing therapy. The goal of the company is to develop professional products that can guarantee in depth treatment and be reliable in spas as well as in homes. Elemis also possess their own spas where all of their products are used. A special spa-therapy menu was created in order to enhance the skin while at the same time respecting the body's complex physiology. Unique massage sequences, power-boosting facials and top shelf products ensure the best results for your skin.

Elemis aims to constantly innovate and develop new products in order satisfy of their customers needs. Elemis uses new technologies everyday that will embrace the constantly changing needs of your skin.

Now, you can have a little spa experience from the comfort of your home thanks to our Elemis discount code that will allow you to purchase Elemis products at lower prices!

Facts about Elemis

  • Uses newest technology to produce high quality products
  • founded in 1989
  • Allows customers to use special Elemis voucher code to get the lower price!

Redeeming an Elemis voucher code

If you want to save up while buying at Elemis then you should follow those easy steps:

  1.  Go to www.elemis.com
  2. Browse through skin-care, anti-ageing or nail care products and chose the ones you like! Click on the products you want, and press „Add to Bag“.
  3. When finished, press the „Checkout button.
  4. Enter your Elemis voucher code under the order details in the box that says „Enter promo code“, and then press the „Apply“ button to receive your discount.
  5. Enjoy your savings!

It is extremely easy to shop at Elemis if you always remember to use your personal Elemis voucher code to save some money while shopping!

Elemis cart

Elemis on YouTube

If you want to know something more about Elemis history and their products, then follow this link to their YouTube channel:

Elemis voucher code- Assortment and Products

Cosmetics by Elemis Elemis is a leading expert when it comes to salon Spa therapies. In their inventory you can find:

  • Advanced Anti-Ageing facials
  • Skin Solution facials
  • Skin Specific facials
  • Skin Intelligence for Men
  • Face and Body therapy
  • Body Therapy
  • Detox Therapy
  • Hands and feet therapy

Elemis's Spa therapy will definitely improve your skin condition as well as enhance your mood, but if you want to shop online then you should click on “Online Spa Shop” and browse through the anti-ageing,skin care, men or gifts products.

The range of Elemi's product is huge. Just in the skin care section aloine you can find:

  • Cleansers and toners
  • Moisturisers
  • Exfoiliators and masks
  • Teen to twenties skin care
  • Eyes and lips products
  • Skin boosters or concerns
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Sun-care products
  • Skincare collections
  • Fragrance
  • Hands and nails products
  • Tanning products

If you feel that your skin deserves the best treatment, then don’t hesitate to choose Elemis products. Now you can purchase top shelf products for lower price thanks to Elemis discount code!

Even if Amazon UK does not offer any discounts at a given time,you are saving thanks to coupons and voucher codes published in Beauty & Health category. Find a voucher code for Debenhams, Molton Brown and get a nice discount!

How to shop at Elemis

These few easy steps will guide you through Elemis online shopping:

  1. Search our website for the Elemis discount code that best suits your needs, then navigate to their website to begin shopping.
  2. Once you have found the product you wish to have, click on it, and then press the „Add to Bag“ button.
  3. When you are finished shopping, press teh „Checkout“ button in the top right side of the page.
  4. Enter in your Elemis voucher code in field below your products that says „Enter promo code here“, and press the „Apply“ button to redeem it.
  5. Log in or create a new account by typing in your personal data.
  6. Choose your delivery address and your preferred delivery method.
  7. Choose  your preferred payment method.
  8. Wait for confirmation email.
  9. Enjoy your purchase!

Shopping at Elemis is a very enjoyable experience, and now you can also save some money thanks to an Elemis discount code!

Shopping at Elemis

Gifts at Elemis

If you your’re looking for a great gift idea for a friend or family member, then you should consider buying from Elemis. They offer wonderful cosmetic bundels for all types of skin, some of which include:

  • Think Pink Beauty Heroes
  • Pro-Collagen Jewels
  • Pro-Collagen Duo
  • The Art of Travelling
  • Beauty treasures
  • Sparkling Beauty
  • Skin Nourishing secrets
  • Spa Body Treats
  • Indulgent Treasures
  • The Adventurer

All of these products can be purchased for a lower price if you use an Elemis voucher code before finalising your order.

Gifts at Elemis

Delivery at Elemis

Orders made at Elemis are delivered for free within the UK and take around 5 days to receive. 

Having a Problem? How to Contact Elemis Customer Support

It is of utmost importance for Elemis to maintain an open line of communication with their customers. All inquiries can be dealt with by calling T: +44 (0) 117 316 1888
F: +44 (0) 117 316 1801  or by e-mailing: customercare@elemis.com. If you are looking for advice about which skin product would be best for your skin, or have questions about orders and delivery, don’t hesitate to contact Elemis's customer support team. More information on Elemis customer support can be found here.

Elemis Customer Support

Elemis Social Media

Elemis wants to keep their customers well informed about their offer hence it is very active when it comes to social networks. Here you can find new about products and special Elemis voucher code as well as get answers to all of your inquieries about skin care.

Elemis social networks can be found on the following links:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/elemisltd

Elemis on Facebook

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elemis

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Elemis/posts

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/elemisltd/

Be sure to check them out regularly, as you never know when an Elemis discount code for your favourite skin care product will appear!

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Elemis Online Shop on May 2022
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About Elemis
Luke Miller

Luke MillerAuthor

I won’t deny it: sometimes I like to pamper myself after a long week at the office, and the spa products and services at Elemis.com are a great way to do just that. Elemis offers and their wide selection of famous products and services can be further extended by using a Elemis voucher code or an Elemis promo code, meaning that pampering yourself is cheaper than ever before! So before you start packing your bags, grab your Elemis discount code and start saving on your next adventure!


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