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Insurefor Voucher Codes

Whether you’re looking to take on the great outdoors or simply the great unknown, it never hurts to take along a little backup. Shop online with your Insurefor discount code and you can take off in style, safe and secure in the knowledge that wherever your wanderings may take you you’re covered by the specialized travel insurance you’ve purchased at a substantial discount from the good people at Insurefor.

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Last updated on 2016-02-02

About Insurefor

As a unique Rock Insurance Innovation, Insurefor has been providing specialized, inexpensive travel insurance for more than a decade. Without compromising the safety and security of their plans, Rock Insurance Group has crafted a young company with the capacity to offer affordable coverage to more than 1 million customer worldwide.

With a dedicated and highly trained customer care staff, the UK-based travel insurance experts at Insurefor are on hand throughout the business day to answer all of your travel insurance questions and help you find the perfect plan.

From basic, single-trip coverage to annual multi-trip travel insurance, Insurefor offers insurance for the most hardcore activity-oriented trips as well as low-key family holidays and everything in between. And now, through a special tie-in with My Gadget Buddy, Insurefor is able to offer spectacular travel coverage not only to traveling individuals but to the mobile phones, mp3 players, game consoles, laptops and portable DVD players that so often travel with them.

Winner of the ‘Travel Service Provider of the Year 2010’ award at the recent Travel Trade Gazette Awards. Insurefor has been garnering praise from customers and critics alike. With great value offered through family discounts, student discounts and even free coverage for children traveling with insured parents, why not try Insurefor today and rest a little easier throughout your next holiday. From loss to theft, accident to injury, when you’re covered with Insurefor you are completely covered.

Facts about Insurefor

  • A Rock Insurance Innovation
  • 2010 Winner of Travel Service Provider of the Year Award
  • Headquarters in Crawley

Redeeming an Insurefor Gift card/certificate

Before you even think of booking that hotel, set your mind at ease by heading over to Insurefor online and acquiring the travel insurance that will cover you from top to bottom, wherever your trip may take you.

To redeem your Insurefor Discount code when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to Insurefor online and begin browsing through all the incredible options available, search directly for the product you know you need or get an instant quote by entering your destination, trip type, group type, number of travelers, departure and return date and clicking “Get Quote.”
  2. Look over the quotes on offer; and while you keep your Insurefor discount code in mind, decide which offer is the best for you.
  3. When you’ve made your choice, be sure to enter your Insurefor discount code  in the box labelled “Discount Code” and click “Submit” to apply your Insurefor discount code savings to your current order.
  4. When you’ve secured those Insurefor discount code savings, select the plan for you, review the available coverage options and click “Continue.”
  5. Provide details for the travelers to be named on your policy, including names, addresses and ages, before clicking “Continue” to make your payment.
  6. Review your order one last time with an eye to that Insurefor discount code and when you’re sure you’ve selected everything you need in terms of travel insurance coverage, make your payment and submit your order.
  7. Now you’re safe to travel, so with the comfort and peace of mind that comes with high-quality insurance, start moving forward with the fun stuff.

Insurefor Discount code– Assortment, Products & Brands

Your Insurefor discount code assures you of discounts on the entire range of incredible travel insurance options available from Insurefor:

  • Basic Single Trip Coverage
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Winter Sports Insurance
  • Backpacking Travel Insurance
  • Golf Travel Insurance
  • Over 65 Travel Insurance
  • Activity Holiday Insurance
  • Gap Year Insurance
  • Family Holiday Insurance
  • Gadget Travel Insurance
  • And so much more…

How to shop at Insurefor

Shop today with your Insurefor discount code and save on the very best in travel insurance for all your holiday coverage requirements:

  1. Begin your search for the perfect travel insurance by heading over to Insurefor with your Insurefor discount code in hand and searching through the Insurefor selection of travel insurance policies, or obtaining the quote for you instantly by entering your destination, trip type, group type, number of travelers, departure and return date and clicking “Get Quote.”
  2. Keep your Insurefor discount code at the very forefront of your mind as you review the offers available from Insurefor, with a careful eye towards the different policies, coverage and cost.
  3. When you’ve decided on the perfect travel insurance policy for you, make sure to take advantage of your Insurefor discount code by entering your Insurefor discount code in the box labelled “Discount Code” and clicking “Submit” to secure your Insurefor discount code savings with your current order.
  4. When you see your Insurefor discount code savings reflected in the offerings available from Insurefor, select the plan for you and choose to add specific options to augment your coverage options before clicking “Continue” and saving with your Insurefor discount code.
  5. Enter the personal address, age and contact details for all the travelers to be included on your policy and then select “Continue” to make your payment.
  6. Take a good long look at the coverage you’ve selected one last time, and when you’re sure you’ve crafted the travel insurance coverage that will meet your needs exactly, make your payment and submit your order.

Payment options at Insurefor

Insurefor accepts the following payment methods with every Insurefor discount code:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Debit
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

Having a Problem? How to Contact Insurefor Customer Support

Travel insurance can be a tricky business, and whether you’re aiming to be out on your own in the wilds of the great unknown or wandering the streets of one of the world’s great cities, it pays to be fully covered. So before you head off, make sure to get in touch with the Insurefor customer support team and get answers to all your pressing travel insurance questions.


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