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Kiqplan Voucher Codes

Overindulged over the holidays and want to lose that extra weight? Or perhaps you’re training to run a marathon for charity? Whatever your fitness goals, a Kiqplan discount code will help you achieve them – all without breaking the bank. With a personalized fitness plan including exercise videos, recipe, motivational tips and more, kiqplan.com has an app that could change your life. 

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Last updated on 2016-04-05

About Kiqplan

Are you desperate to lose weight but terrible at motivating yourself? Or perhaps you really want to get fitter but just can’t seem to get into the swing of things? Whatever your goals, Kiqplan is here to help. Providing a personalised fitness plan that’s tailored to your unique needs, the clever app will guide you through a 12-week programme that will have you looking and feeling great. And it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either – with a Kiqplan discount code you can make fantastic savings too!

The app, which you can download onto your smartphone, offers a choice of programmes aimed at everyone from mums-to-be to wannabe athletes in training for their first marathon. It can work alongside your existing fitness app or wearable tracker, and provides tailored plans that help you work towards a specific goal. And don’t forget that you can make big savings by using a Kiqplan voucher!

At kiqplan.com you’ll find a smart and intuitive app that covers nutrition, workouts and motivation. How it works is simple – you simply tell the app about your goals and it will provide you with exercise videos, recipes, tips and articles to help you achieve them. The exercise section contains over 300 workouts specially designed by their team of fitness experts, while the food section contains thousands of recipes. With each dish under 400 calories and easy to make in under 30 minutes, this searchable database will help you find the perfect food to complement our workout goals.

Lacking in motivation? Kiqplan has loads of fun and inspirational challenges that you can take on. Fancy hiking the Blue Mountains, or trying your hand at the Sleep Marathon? Whatever you choose, their team of experts will be there to help you every step of the way. At just £19.99 for a personalised trainer, nutritionist and mentor all rolled in to one, it’s amazing value for money – and you can get an even better deal when you use a Kiqplan discount code.

Want to get started? Just pay a visit to kiqplan.com to find out more.

Facts about Kiqplan

  • Personalised trainer, nutritionist and mentor all in one app
  • Works with your existing fitness app or wearable tracker
  • Choice of plans tailored to your individual fitness goals

Redeeming a Kiqplan discount code

To redeem your Kiqplan voucher when you order, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse our website until you find a Kiqplan discount code that suits you, then navigate to kiqplan.com to begin shopping. 
  2. Choose the plan that’s right for you and click ‘Add to cart’.
  3. Enter your Kiqplan discount code in the box provided and click ‘Update’.
  4. Enjoy your savings!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight to fit into your wedding dress or to finally shake off that beer belly once and for all, the Kiqplan app will give you all the help and motivation you need – and don’t forget to pick up your Kiqplan vouchers to make it a little easier on your bank balance too!

Kiqplan on Youtube

Want to learn more about Kiqplan? Why not pay a visit to their dedicated YouTube channel here? You’ll find lots of exclusive content including motivational videos, exercise tips and more. You can also use this channel to find out more about saving money with a Kiqplan coupon.

Assortment, Products & Brands

At Kiqplan you’ll find a choice of fitness programmes designed to help you achieve your goals. Programmes include:

  • Slim and trim
  • Beer belly blaster
  • Fit and healthy
  • Your first 5k
  • 10k run ready
  • Bikini hot
  • Suns out guns out
  • Healthy baby bump
  • Goodbye baby bump

If you’ve enjoyed shopping with a Kiqplan voucher, you might like to check out more great deals on fitness products and accessories at stores like Sports Direct or JD Sports. Or, if those aren’t right for you, you’ll find plenty more deals to browse in or Sports section. 

How to shop at Kiqplan

Ready to get shopping with your Kiqplan discount code? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to kiqplan.com to begin shopping. 
  2. Choose the plan that’s right for you and click ‘Add to cart’.
  3. Enter your Kiqplan discount code in the box provided and click ‘Update’.
  4. Enter your details.
  5. Choose a payment method.
  6. Enter your payment details and click ‘Confirm and pay’ to complete your purchase. 

Payment options at Kiqplan

Kiqplan accepts the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Paypal

Don’t forget to use your Kiqplan vouchers at the checkout!

Having a Problem? How to Contact Kiqplan

Need some help and support using kiqplan.com? Whether you want some advice on choosing the right plan for you or you need some assistance in using your Kiqplan coupon, the friendly and experienced team of staff will be only too happy to help. You can contact them by accessing the online Customer Services area here.

Kiqplan Social Media

Want to discover more about getting fit and healthy the easy way with Kiqplan? The company maintains a profile across all your favourite social media networks. Follow them for exclusive access to lots of interesting content including healthy eating tips, motivational articles, exercise videos and more and much more. You can also use these pages to find out more about saving money with Kiqplan vouchers.

You’ll find the Kiqplan social media pages here:

Like Kiqplan on Facebook

Follow Kiqplan on Twitter


Kiqplan represents fantastic value for money for anyone looking to get in shape or achieve a more specific fitness goal. For just £19.99, you can take your pick from one of 9 different programmes, each designed to help you get the most out of your workout. Want to look great in your bikini, lose your post-baby weight or simply get healthier? You can choose a programme to suit your individual needs. And don’t forget to use a Kiqplan discount code at the checkout to get even better value for money!

Kiqplan newsletter

Kiqplan are always striving to improve their product, and are constantly developing new programmes to help you achieve a wider range of fitness goals. If you want to stay up to date with all the latest developments, why not sign up for the Kiqplan newsletter? With all of the latest news and more direct from the company, plus special offers, promotions and more, it’s a great way to stay in touch. All you need to do is visit kiqplan.com and enter your email address -  you’ll even get all the latest Kiqplan vouchers sent directly to your inbox, so you never need to miss out on the hottest deals. 

Kiqplan app

The Kiqplan app can be downloaded to your smartphone and will work alongside your existing fitness app or wearable tracker. You can also download it to your smart watch and have your own personal trainer, nutritionist and motivator at arm’s reach whenever you need it. And don’t forget to use your Kiqplan voucher codes at the checkout to make big savings!

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Kiqplan Online Shop on September 2017
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About Kiqplan
Luke Miller

Luke MillerAuthor

I’d been wanting to get in shape for ages, but I struggled with motivation and was always counteracting my exercise with unhealthy meals. Then I paid a visit to kiqplan.com. I discovered that with their app I could get a personal trainer, nutritionist and mentor all rolled into one, all available at the touch of a button! I used my Kiqplan discount code to get a discount on their ‘Slim and Trim’ programme, which featured 12 weeks worth of exercise videos, recipes and motivational tips – everything I needed to start shedding those pounds!


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