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Laithwaites Voucher Codes

It’s 7 or 8pm, you’re just getting home from work, rushing to get dinner in the oven before your friends arrive or you find yourself too tired to go on, and then suddenly you remember—you’ve forgotten to pick up the wine. How foolish, how forgetful, how utterly unnecessary! With your Laithwaites voucher in hand you’re never more than a few simple clicks and a delivery window away from the perfect bottle of wine.

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Last updated on 2017-11-28

About Laithwaites

In 1969 a young Tony Laithwaite was at work for the summer, toiling in the Bordeaux vineyards and spiriting home local vintages for lucky family and friends. By the end of 1969, and with the help of a faithful Ford van, the young Laithwaite was importing serious wines for serious buyers at home in the UK. Using the sensible moniker “Bordeaux Direct,” Laithwaite offered just five wines initially and only sold to about 150 customers, but as his oenophelic investigations expanded, so too did the business.

As one of the first importers of any nationality to prospect for wine in the southern regions of France, Laithwaite developed personal relationships with small vineyards in Bergerac, Duras, Cahors, Madiran, Gaillac, Minervois, Saint-Chinian and so on eastwards into Spain, Italy and eventually even Australia. Selling only wines bottled directly by the producers, Bordeaux Direct gained a reputation for excellence and soon became known as Laithwaites. After more than 4 decades in the business, Laithwaites now delivers wine to more than 700,000 customers worldwide and remains committed to quality, novelty and above all customer satisfaction.

Facts about Laithwaites

  • Formerly Bordeaux Direct
  • Founded in 1969
  • Founded by Tony Laithwaite

Redeeming an Laithwaites Gift card/certificate

When you’re on the hunt for a truly spectacular bottle of wine, the perfect place to start is at the Laithwaites online store, with your Laithwaites discount code close at hand.

To redeem your Laithwaites Voucher when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to Laithwaites online and while you hang on tight to that Laithwaites voucher, peruse the selection by country, region, value or style.
  2. When you see a bottle that sparks your interest, click on the image to read an in-depth description of the wine, check customer reviews and review the grape blend.
  3. When you’ve decided just how you’ll utilize your Laithwaites voucher, select the number of bottles you’d like to purchase and click “Add to Basket” and then “Checkout.”
  4. Review your basket with your Laithwaites discount code in hand and when you’re ready to make your purchase, be sure to enter your Laithwaites voucher before proceeding.
  5. To redeem your Laithwaites voucher, enter your voucher code in the box provided and then click “Apply.”
  6. When you see your Laithwaites discount code reflected in your order summary, click “Secure Checkout”.
  7. If you’re a returning customer you can log into your Laithwaite’s account at this time, or you can simply click “Continue” to checkout as a guest.
  8. Provide your personal details and delivery address before proceeding to review your order, keeping a close eye out for that Laithwaites voucher.
  9. When you’re certain you’ve secured your Laithwaites voucher and your order looks correct, make your payment and submit your order.

Laithwaites Voucher– Assortment, Products & Brands

With your Laithwaites discount code in hand, you’re certain to secure great deals on the entire Laithwaites range:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Dessert Wine
  • Port  & Sherry
  • Beer & Cider
  • Spirits & Liquers
  • Champagne

How to shop at Laithwaites

Begin your search for the best wines in Britain online at Laithwaites:

  1. Browse the incredible selection available online at Laithwaites by region, country, style or even price.
  2. When you find a wine that piques your interest, select the bottle in question to read up on the varietal specifics, check customer reviews and browse the detailed description offered by Laithwaites experts.
  3. When you’re ready to pull the trigger with your Laithwaites voucher, choose how many bottles you would like and click “Add to Basket” before selecting “Checkout” after you’ve finished shopping.
  4. With your Laithwaites discount code close by, take a careful look at your order to make sure you’ve collected everything that you need and then stop to redeem your Laithwaites voucher.
  5. Enter your Laithwaites voucher in the box provided, and then click “Apply” to secure your Laithwaites discount code savings.
  6. When your Laithwaites discount code has been applied to your order, click “Secure Checkout”.
  7. If you’re a regular here at Laithwaites, go ahead and log in to your Laithwaite’s account now, or click “Continue” to checkout without registering for a new account.
  8. Enter your personal details and delivery address and then review your order to ensure you’ve purchased everything you need, and your Laithwaites voucher savings are secure.
  9. When you’ve perfected your order, make your payment, submit your order, then start making room in that wine rack.

Payment options at Laithwaites

Laithwaites accepts the following payment methods with every Laithwaites voucher:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Shipping and returns at Laithwaites

Shipping and handling charges for Laithwaites are:

  • Standard Delivery within 3 working days is available for £7.99.
  • Next Day Delivery is available  for £9.99.
  • Evening Delivery is available within the Greater London Area for £9.99.
  • Collection from a shop is available for free.
  • Laithwaite’s Unlimited offers subscribers free delivery all year long for a one time only fee of £24.

If you need to return a product for any reason to Laithwaites, you can do so by following these easy steps:

  • Contact the Laithwaites Customer Support Team to organize your exchange or refund and resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction.

Having a Problem? How to Contact Laithwaites Customer Support

Whether you’re curious about the latest vintage or just looking for the inside scoop on a new Laithwaites voucher, you’ll get the best advice, information and insider tips from the customer care team at Laithwaites:


Laithwaites Social Media

Laithwaites social networks can be found on the following links:

Don’t forget to check them often, as you can never be sure when a free Laithwaites Voucher might be waiting for you!

Mobile shopping at Laithwaites

Don’t miss a moment of fun, stay mobile with the Laithwaites mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

The official Laithwaites apps can be found here:


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