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Looking4Parking Voucher Codes

When you travel, you’re constantly weighing your options—do you upgrade on the flight or enjoy dinner out, aim for budget accommodations or steer clear of pricey excursions. Sacrifice is the name of the game in holiday planning, but when you start off your trip with a Looking4Parking discount code, you’re already ahead of the game. With safe, secure parking and a myriad of family friendly options, Looking4Parking is the safest and most secure way to start your trip.

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Last updated on 2016-02-02

About Looking4Parking

Looking4Parking was founded in Leeds in 2009 with one simple goal—to provide the very best in parking at all of the United Kingdom’s major airports and seaports. Working with a dedicated staff across the country, today Looking4Parking offers a range of options to serve business travelers and families, solo holiday-goers and large corporate groups.

For the quickest and most convenient way to park and save, the choice is clearly Meet & Greet—simply drive to the terminal after ordering online with your Looking4Parking discount code and a driver will meet you outside the terminal entrance, ensure that you get off safely, and then park your vehicle safely and securely in one of the Looking4Parking lots.

Of course, for the more savvy, budget-minded travelers, Looking4Parking’s Airport Park and Ride services offer a simple and cost-effective solution to parking at our nation’s major air and seaports. All that’s required is a quick stop at a secure parking facility close to the airport and then a short trip via complementary shuttle bus will ensure you land directly at your gate with your luggage in hand; and, on the return trip, a quick call will summon your shuttle back to the gate within minutes and have you back to your car in no time.

Of course, if you’re truly in the market for the ultimate convenience when parking your car, Looking4Parking’s on-site lots are as close to the terminals as you can possibly get. You will endure no transfers, you will suffer through no shuttles, you won’t even have to hand over your keys, you can just park in the secure facilities and make your way at your own pace to the terminal buildings, safe and secure in the knowledge that when you return your car will be ready and waiting for you, just moments from the gate. 

Facts about Looking4Parking

  • Founded in 2009
  • Based in Leeds
  • Offering Parking Lot and Valet Services at All Major UK Airports

Redeeming a Looking4Parking Gift card/certificate

Finding the best airport or seaport parking options is as easy as bringing your Looking4Parking discount code online to Looking4parking.com.

To redeem your Looking4Parking Discount code when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Begin by making your way to Looking4Parking online with your Looking4Parking discount code in hand.
  2. Hang on tight to that Looking4Parking discount code and select which airport you’ll be departing from, your departure and arrival dates, your drop off time and pickup times.
  3. Before you click “Get My Quote” make sure to redeem that Looking4Parking discount code by entering your Looking4Parking discount code in the box marked “Discount Code.”
  4. With your Looking4Parking discount code applied to your order, click “Get My Quote” and review all of the options available from Looking4Parking.
  5. When you’ve decided on the best parking option for you, taking into account those Looking4Parking discount code savings, click “Book Now.”
  6. If you’re looking for optional extras like SMS confirmation or postal confirmation, you can add those to  your order now, or just click “Continue to Payment.”
  7. Enter your personal details, make your payment, provide your vehicle and flight details, then choose “Confirm Booking” to secure your Looking4Parking discount code savings today.

How to shop at Looking4Parking

Book the perfect parking online with your Looking4Parking discount code and start your trip off right:

  1. Start your search for the very best in airport or seaport parking by navigating on over to Looking4Parking online with your Looking4Parking discount code close by.
  2. With a good firm grip on that Looking4Parking discount code, and choose which airport you’ll be departing from, enter your departure and arrival dates, and select your drop off time and pickup times from the menu provided.
  3. Before you move forward with your booking by clicking “Get My Quote,” make sure to stop and apply your Looking4Parking discount code to your order by entering your Looking4Parking discount code in the box marked “Discount Code.”
  4. When you’ve entered your Looking4Parking discount code, you’re ready to click “Get My Quote” and review your options for safe, secure airport parking.
  5. When you’ve reviewed your options and made your choice, select “Book Now” to confirm your order and make full use of that Looking4Parking discount code.
  6. Before making your payment finalizing your booking, make sure to upgrade your order with SMS confirmation or postal confirmation if you’re so inclined, or simply click “Continue to Payment” to finish up.
  7. In the final stage of the checkout process, simply provide your personal details, make your payment, enter your vehicle and flight information, and then select “Confirm Booking” to secure those Looking4Parking discount code savings.

Payment options at Looking4Parking

Looking4Parking accepts the following payment methods with every Looking4Parking discount code:

  • Visa
  • Delta
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

Having a Problem? How to Contact Looking4Parking Customer Support

Finding parking in the midst of planning the rest of your travel can be an unneeded and unwanted hassle. While you’re busy trying to track down the kid’s swimmies or find that important paperwork, you certainly don’t need the bother of searching for just how you’ll make it from the car park to the gate.

So, whether you’ve got questions about pricing, services, options or timing, or, you’re just in the market for a new Looking4Parking discount code, get in touch with Looking4Parking today and uncomplicate your travel:


Looking4Parking Social Media

Looking4Parking social networks can be found on the following links:

Don’t forget to check them often, as you can never be sure when a free Looking4Parking Discount code might be waiting for you!

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About Looking4Parking
Jerry Gore

Jerry GoreAuthor

Looking4Parking—the name says it all, doesn’t it. Can’t you just feel yourself circling the lot, growing frustrated and crazed as your departure grows closer. Of course, there is another way—there’s Looking4Parking and your Looking4Parking discount code, a cheap, easy way to secure your vehicle and ensure an easy takeoff. With your Looking4Parking discount code the perfect spot is already waiting for you. With your Looking4Parking discount code you’ll make your way straight to the gate. With your Looking4Parking discount code, you’ll save so much you might even be able to afford a bottle of water for your flight.


Looking4Parking Limited

Beeston Road
LS11 6AD Leeds
Telephone hotline:08081 639 183
Terms & conditions:Terms and conditions of the online shops
Payment options:AmexVisaMastercardDeltaMaestro
Shipping to: EuropeGreat Britain (GB)USAother countries
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