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OnHotels Voucher Codes

When you’re finally ready to close that laptop, slip out of your business suit and hit the road in search of some serious fun, what you need is a travel agent, and not just any travel agent—a world-class purveyor of hotel accommodations the world over. Lucky for you, OnHotels is out there just waiting for you to book with your OnHotels discount code and treat yourself to some truly incredible travel.

  • London Hotels

    London Hotels from £105 pp

    Verified: 10.08.2015


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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  • Majorca Hotels

    Majorca Hotels from €64pp

    Verified: 10.08.2015


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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  • Special occasions

    Special occasions if you sign up to newsletter

    Verified: 10.08.2015


    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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Last updated on 2016-02-02

About OnHotels

Founded in 2008, OnHotels offers friendly, easy-to-use access to more than 50,000 hotels worldwide—from the most economic of budget accommodations to the world’s chicest luxury offerings.

With a team of experienced and dedicated travel professionals on hand at a multi-language call center throughout the business day, OnHotels is more than just a booking services for the best hotel experiences around the globe, OnHotels is a full-service travel accommodation agency.

At OnHotels, customer service is king and unlike other travel operators, at OnHotels you’ll never find any hidden fees, surprising additional charges or uncommon taxes to change the price you’ll pay. At OnHotels, what you see is what you get, and what you get is complete access to the best hotels worldwide from small independent properties to boutique hotels, luxury villas to budget operators.

With a secure booking service offering the highest standards of security to protect your privacy and safeguard your online transactions and friendly, efficient service, OnHotels has it all.

Facts about OnHotels

  • Founded in 2003
  • Headquarters in London
  • More than 50000 hotels worldwide

Redeeming an OnHotels Gift card/certificate

Secure the accommodations of your dreams by booking online with your OnHotels discount code.

To redeem your OnHotels Discount code when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Start your search for the very best stay the internet has to offer by navigating to OnHotels.com online and searching for the perfect holiday accommodation directly by country or city, or by browsing popular options from OnHotels.
  2. Read up on top destinations and peruse customer reviews as well as detailed hotel descriptions before choosing where you’ll stay and how you’ll save with your OnHotels discount code.
  3. When you’ve decided to take the plunge, book your travel and redeem your OnHotels voucher code, enter your destination country and city, input the dates you would prefer to check in and check out, select your preferred room type and currency and then when you’re ready to go click “Search.”
  4. Review the options available from OnHotels and bear in mind your OnHotels discount code as you compare prices, amenities and options.
  5. When you’ve decided just where you’ll stay and how you’ll save, click “Book” to begin the checkout process.
  6. Look over your order to ensure you’ve perfected your booking before continuing on to redeem you OnHotels promo code and finalize your reservation.
  7. To apply your OnHotels voucher code to your order, click  “I Have a Promotional Code” to enter your OnHotels Promotional Code and then choose “Use Promotional Code” to ensure your OnHotels voucher code is applied to your order.
  8. When you see your OnHotels promotional code safely applied to your order, finish up your booking by entering your personal details, providing information about the guests accompanying you, and carefully reviewing the terms and conditions.
  9. After you’ve completed the required fields, tick the box to confirm you’ve read the terms and conditions and then select “Pay and Confirm” to secure your OnHotels discount code savings by making your payment.

How to shop at OnHotels

Book your holiday stay today and save with your OnHotels promo code:

  1. Begin by making your way to OnHotels.com and browse by destination country, city or type until you’ve decided just where you want to stay.
  2. When you’re ready to secure those OhHotels voucher code savings, enter your destination of choice and your desired check-in and check-out dates as well as a preferred room type and currency before clicking “Search.”
  3. Read over the options available to you while keeping a close eye on your OnHotels discount code and then when you’ve decided just where you’ll stay and save, click “Book.”
  4. Review your order and before you move forward with the booking process make sure to secure your OnHotels promo code savings.
  5. Click “I Have a Promotional Code” to enter your OnHotels Promo Code and then select “Use Promotional Code” to apply your OnHotels voucher code to your order.
  6. With your OnHotels promo code secured, enter your personal details, update the guest details and review the terms and conditions.

When you’re sure your booking is to your liking, confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions before clicking “Pay and Confirm” to make your payment and secure your OnHotels discount code savings.

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Payment options at OnHotels

OnHotels accepts the following payment methods with every OnHotels promo code:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

Cancellations and returns at OnHotels

If you need to return a product for any reason to OnHotels, you can do so by following these easy steps:

  • Contact the OnHotels customer support team during normal business hours and discuss your cancellation in person with the friendly and accessible customer support team.
  • Cancellations must be made directly with OnHotels and your cancellation is not complete until you receive confirmation in writing.

Having a Problem? How to Contact OnHotels Customer Support

When you’re considering a getaway, don’t get caught without all the facts. Contact OnHotels today and discover new destinations, discuss the specifics of booking or even just enquire about a new OnHotels voucher code:


OnHotels Social Media

Whether you’re on the go and looking to keep in touch or just searching for some inspiration for your up-and-coming travels, follow OnHotels on social media and you’ll never be short on friends or fun.

OnHotels social networks can be found on the following links:

Don’t forget to check them often, as you can never be sure when a free OnHotels Discount code might be waiting for you!

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When you’re dying to get away but simply not willing to spend your entire vacation languishing in a squalid suite so you can afford a little wine with dinner, head to OnHotels. With your OnHotels discount code or OnHotels promo code, you’ll be able to afford the 3, 4 or even 5 star stay without bringing the vacation budget crashing down. So strap on your OnHotels promo code, load up the listings, find yourself the perfect place and then put that OnHotels discount code to work. And after the work is done? You’re on vacation baby.


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