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Opodo Voucher Codes

Searching across the very best flight deals from all corners of the globe, Opodo are an Internet-based travel agency which aim to bring you brilliant fares no matter where you’re flying to. Take advantage of their exclusive rates and make additional savings with an Opodo voucher. All you need to do is pick up a free Opodo discount code from our website before you book, and then it’s up, up and away! 

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Last updated on 2016-06-03

About Opodo

Founded by an association of the biggest European airline providers including British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa, Opodo aims to offer their customers great flight deals by searching across the whole spectrum to bring the cheapest fares directly to your desktop—without you needing to spend hours scrolling through hundreds of different websites to locate the best price.

Although their headquarters are stationed in London and they have built a successful business in the UK, they also operate across fourteen different European countries included Germany, France, Switzerland and many more. If you’re booking from Nordic countries you will find them under the name “Travellink” instead.

As well as searching for flights, Opodo are also well-equipped to find you great prices on hotels, car hire, city breaks, package holidays, excursions, ski holidays and cottages too; so you can make light of holiday planning, and concentrate on the more important details—like what you’re going to wear! Make an extra saving on your booking when you use their online service and redeem a free Opodo voucher code at the checkout, and then all there’s left to say is Bon Voyage! 

Flight with Opodo

Facts about Opodo

  • The CEO of Opodo is currently Javier Perez-Tenessa de Block
  • Opodo's turnover reached €1.3 billion in gross sales as of 2008
  • Since 2011 Opodo is part of the European e-travel group ODIGEO

Redeeming a Opodo Gift Card/Certificate

To redeem your Opodo voucher code whilst booking with them online, follow these easy steps:

  1. Stop by our website to pick up your free Opodo voucher and then swoop over to the Opodo homepage to begin browsing.
  2. If you already know exactly what you’re searching for then use the labelled tabs to locate the relevant department, or get inspired by their slideshow for tips and ideas on the latest destinations and offers.
  3. Once you’ve located your flight, hotel or similar product and you would like to book, simply select them and then review all of the information before you complete your confirmation.
  4. When you are ready to continue to the checkout, you will be able to locate the “e-voucher codes” box just beneath your final price, where you can enter your Opodo discount code then click “Re-Price”. The discount will be automatically applied and your total price updated.
  5. After entering your personal information and payment details your order will be confirmed and soon on its way out to you from Opodo, have an amazing time on your trip, and all at a great price too!

Whatever you’re a frequent flyer jetsetting your way from London to LA, or you’re just nipping over to Spain for a week away with the girls, when using Opodo voucher to book on their website you will be able to search over 500 airlines to get the very best price on your travel plans!

Opodo cart

How to shop at Opodo

Relax and take all the time you like perfecting the ideal travel package and then save at the checkout using your free Opodo voucher! Explore their excellent deals and offers online as you take the following steps:

  1. Seek inspiration with a flick through their carefully curated destination ideas on the Opodo homepage, then go on to customise your search.
  2. Enter in all of the search criteria you possibly can to give Opodo the best chance at finding you brilliant deals then click the large “Search” button.
  3. Your search results will be displayed after a couple of moments, remember—Opodo searches over 500 airlines, so it may take a couple of minutes but will be worth the wait!
  4. Using the various search filters on the left hand side of your screen you can tailor your search to fit exactly to your specific needs and then click on the fares you would like to book and click “select” or you can also “add to basket” depending on your choice.
  5. If you have a Opodo discount code locate the “e-voucher codes” box beneath your final price, where you can enter your Opodo voucher code then click “Re-Price”. The discount will be automatically applied and your total price updated.
  6. If you wish to, create a user account with Opodo to make booking next time even faster and more convenient. You can also choose to checkout as a guest if you prefer.
  7. Complete all your personal details and delivery options as well as your payment information, then simply wait for your ticket confirmation to arrive per e-mail!

Allow their amazing deals on flight tickets to do the rest by clicking over to their website to get started with their online search tool. Just remember to collect your free Opodo voucher from us before you arrive! 

Hotel Opodo

Payment options at Opodo

Opodo accepts the following payment methods:

  • Opodo Gift Voucher
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Payment at Opodo

Shipping and returns at Opodo

All of the tickets sold via the Opodo system are “e-tickets”, this is a paperless ticket which only exists online and will be sent to you via your email address. This will contain all of the information you need to take with you to redeem the ticket. If you wish to you can print this and take it with your travel documents, or simply store the information in your smartphone or tablet device.

Although Opodo want to make sure that you are perfectly happy with your booking, please note that you are complying with the cancellation and return policy of the provider you choose to book with via Opodo, and therefore you must review this carefully before you book on the provider’s own website. For more information about the way in which Opodo deal with complaints about their services and enquiries please consult their FAQ section on the website. 

Shipping at Opodo

Having a Problem? How to Contact Opodo Customer Support

The process of booking your holiday or trip can get extremely confusing—how is it possible to choose between all of the different options, extras and add-ons? Don’t get overwhelmed and start to wish you weren’t even going in the first place! All you need to do is take a deep breath and get in touch with the friendly Opodo Customer Support Team who will be happy to put your mind at ease during your time booking with them. Whatever kind of question is troubling you will reach them at any time via the following link:

Opodo Customer Support

Opodo Customer Support

Opodo Social Media

Still craving a little extra info about Opodo and their concept? The best place to find out more on the brand as well reading reviews and feedback from the existing happy customers is to get involved with their online presence via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. They are always posting up new content with the hottest destinations to visit worldwide as well as a whole host of great promotions and offers which can only be discovered by following their network, and much much more! Find out about the latest Opodo discount code when you join their community by visiting Opodo at the following links: 

Like Opodo on Facebook

Opodo on Facebook

Follow Opodo on Twitter

Stay in touch with Opodo on Pinterest

Be sure to keep them in your newsfeed, and share the latest updates with friends as soon as the new Opodo voucher becomes available!

Mobile shopping at Opodo

Finally got your holiday allowance through and just can’t wait to book your beachside package deal? No need to wait till you get home, just grab a Opodo promo code from our website and bring up the Opodo website on your smartphone or tablet browser! You can explore their app featuring the full search function and same great prices on the go. Alternatively you can simply click the link below:

Opodo App for iOS

Opodo App for Android

Mobile Shopping at Opodo

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Opodo Online Shop on July 2022
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About Opodo
Chris Yancey

Chris YanceyAuthor

If you’re anything like me, by the time you get around to booking your flight you’ll have missed out on the deals sensible people secure by booking in advance. Of course, there’s always Opodo—with an Opodo voucher or Opodo promo code the very best flight deals are available to you no matter how late you remember you’re meant to be in Las Vegas this weekend. So whether you’re making good on a promise with your Opodo promo code or just vacationing with your Opodo voucher code, take the time to check Opodo before you book something you might regret.


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