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Pizza Hut
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Pizza Hut vouchers

There are few companies in existence that have become as well-known as Pizza Hut. With over 40 years’ experience in cooking and delivering Pizza, the enterprise has become a role model for other fast food franchises. Pizza Hut has always stood for quality, excellent service, and above all, great pizza at even greater prices. Luckily for pizza lovers, our Pizza Hut voucher can be used to purchase your favorite pizza at a discounted price!

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    £10 off orders over £25

    Verified: 27.04.2018

    Details: All items within deals must be ordered at the same time. All deals include pre-set recipes or create your own pizzas up to 4 toppings.

    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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    Unlimited Salad for free

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    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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Last updated on 2016-02-02

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a company that certainly needs no introduction. The name alone seems to have existed forever, and has achieved a cult following in its decades of successful business. The company was found in Wichita, Kansas, and quickly spread globally. Regardless of whether you’re in the USA, Europe, Africa, Peru, or Australia, you can rest assured that there’s most likely a Pizza Hut within a few miles of where you live. Pizza Hut was founded by Dan and Frank Carney, who have worked hard to establish the company in over 95 countries. The company currently employs over 140,000 around the world, and has over 6000 establishments in the US alone. Pizza Hut also allows customers to use promo codes to make their tasty products even cheaper, which can easily be obtained by visiting our website.

Established in 1958, the restaurant, while evolving, has maintained its classic architecture throughout the decades. They actively advertise on every medium available, and use stars like Ringo Starr, Donald Trump, and many others to market their product. The company was bought by PepsiCo in 1977, with the longest existing restaurant located in Manhattan, Kansas.

Starting to get hungry? Then grab one of our Pizza Hut vouchers and make your order!

Facts about Pizza Hut

  • Founded in 1958
  • Employs over 160.000 people
  • Acquired by PepsiCo in 1977

Pizza Hut Discount code – How to redeem?

By now you can probably can taste the pizza in your mouth! So how can you use your Pizza Hut discount code and receive your reduction? Simple. Simply our website and search for Pizza Hut promo codes. Choose the codes you wish to use and click on it. You will then be redirected to the Pizza Hut website. Choose the items you want to order, and your voucher code will be automatically applied to your order, resulting in reduced price! It couldn’t be any easier.

Now you that know everything you need about the world famous Pizza Hut, along with how to save even more money on their tasty selection of foods by using Pizza Hut vouchers. But enough talk of mouthwatering pizza, salads, sides, calzones, and desserts! It’s time to eat! So head on over to our site, pick up your Pizza Hut code and enjoy your meal at a reduced price!

Pizza Hut on YouTube

Pizza Hut is all about advertising and sharing with their customers, and if you subscribe to their YouTube channel, you can find lots of great information about the company, sales, products, and much more. You can find the channel and lots of helpful videos.

Pizza Hut Promo codes – Assortment, Products & Brands

Contrary to what many people think, Pizza isn’t the only product that Pizza Hut offers. Pizza Hut also offers many tasty side dishes, such as salads, pastas, deserts, and more. All of these products can be purchased for even lower prices by using Pizza Hut promo codes, so be sure to grab yours before you press that order button!

Pizza Hut offers a myriad of available toppings and sizes to their customers. Small, medium, and large pizzas can be purchased, with a huge variety of sauces and toppings that are sure to leave every pizza lover happy. Whether it’s classic, chicken, barbecue, Hawaiian, or vegetable, Pizza Hut has something for everyone, and we do mean everyone!

A few of the categories you will find at Pizza Hut include the following:

  • Pizza (naturally)
  • P’Zone
  • Wings
  • Sides & Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Catering
  • Deals

Papa Johns is a very popular shop in Food & Drinks category. couporando.co.uk will offer you a lot of different online stores where you could redeem coupons and voucher codes and get amazing deals. Such stores are: Pizza Express, Prezzo .

Pizza Hut Shopping, Shipping and payments

Ordering from Pizza Hut couldn’t be easier. To purchase an item, you only need to follow a few very simple steps:

  1. Select the products you wish to have and click on them.
  2. Choose the size, toppings (when available), and quantity.
  3. When you are finished selecting products, click on “Order Now”.
  4. Enter in your Pizza Hut promo code.
  5. Select your payment method.
  6. Wait for your food to arrive!

Next also accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • Visa Electron
  • JCB

Having a Problem? How to Contact Pizza Hut Customer Support

Pizza Hut wants to help to keep their products and services as accessible and easy to receive as humanly possible, and strives to assist their shoppers with any question or issue.

If you are having any issues, you can contact them directly with information from the following link:


Mobile & Social Media with Pizza Hut Voucher Codes

Considering the reputation that Pizza Hut has built when it comes to delivering quality products right to your door, it should come as no surprise that they have designed their own mobile apps that allow you to order from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet! Pizza Hut mobile apps can be downloaded for Android and IOS (iPad app available as well), so be sure and download yours today!

The official Pizza Hut apps can be found here:


Pizza Hut strives to keep their customers wanting more, which is why they are very active on multiple social platforms. You can follow Pizza Hut on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to keep up with all the latest news, menu additions, and sales!

Pizza Hut social networks can be found on the following links:

Be sure to check out these channels regularly, as you never know when a yummy Pizza Hut voucher might be waiting for you!

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Pizza Hut

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About Pizza Hut
Julie Chavez

Julie ChavezAuthor

With as many pizzas and breadsticks that I’ve ordered from PizzaHut.co.uk, I’ve probably paid a good portion of their rent for the past 5 years! But in addition to awesome pizza, did you know you can save by using Pizza Hut vouchers and Pizza Hut coupons? I received a great discount at my last party when I ordered 3 huge pizzas by using Pizza Hut voucher codes, and you can easily do the same! All you need to do is copy and paste the free Pizza Hut vouchers into a box to enjoy the savings!


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