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P&O Ferries
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P&o Ferries promotional code

If you are looking for affordable and relaxing ferry journeys around Dover, Portsmouth, Southampton, the Irish Sea and the North Sea, then this company is for you. P&O Ferries has a rich history, although the earlier versions of the company were once known under different names. Thanks to our website you may use a P&O Ferries voucher to enjoy a safe and discounted trip!

  • Dover to Calais

    Dover to Calais from £49

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    Minimum order value: None

    Valid for: New customers and existing customers

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Last updated on 2017-01-16

About P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries is a British company that was established in the late 1960s. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company suffered from a minor crisis, but in the 1985 they bounced back and continued their services of cross-channel ferry operations. Later on, the company bought a 50.01% interest in European Financial Holdings Ltd.

In 1996 it divided into three groups: P&O Portsmouth, P&O North Sea and P&O Stena Line. In October 2002 all of the groups merged and created P&O Ferries Ltd. The main naval routes of P&O Ferries are those around Dover, Portsmouth, Southampton, the Irish Sea and the North Sea.

Not only can P&O customers travel to various cities, but also they can also save quite a sum of money as P&O Ferries provide their customers with a P&O voucher at times.

Ferry P&O Ferries

Facts about P&O Ferries

  • British company established in the late 1960s
  • Headquartered in Dover
  • Extensive ship list may be viewed here: The Ship List

Redeeming a P&O Ferries promotional code

To redeem your P&O Ferries voucher, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the P&O Ferries discount code from our website that interests you.
  2. Choose a ship and a date that suits you.
  3. When you are finished buying your ticket, in the ‚Payment’ section enter your P&O Ferries voucher in the box that reads „eVoucher”.
  4. Enjoy your savings!

As you can see, it is really easy to use our P&O voucher, don’t you think? Moreover, it is free! Therefore, don’t hesitate and grab your P&O Ferries discount code from our website today!

P&O Ferries Homepage

P&O Ferries on YouTube

P&O Ferries also has a Youtube Channel to keep their customers informed about the newest routes, events, (maybe even a P&O Ferries discount code) and much more. You can see what their ships look like on videos, and you may learn more about the daily operations of P&O Ferries as a company.


P&O Ferries voucher – Offers

Cruise with P&O Ferries P&O Ferries gives you an opportunity to save some money by using a P&O Ferries promotional code to travel between these cities:

  • Dover Calais
  • Hull Rotterdam
  • Hull Zeebrugge
  • Calais Dover
  • Rotterdam Hull
  • Zeebrugge Hull
  • Troon Larne
  • Cairnryan Larne
  • Larne Cairnryan
  • Larne Troon
  • Liverpoool Dublin
  • Dublin Liverpool

You naturally have the option to choose whether you want to book a single ticket or a return ticket as well. Don’t forget to redeem your free P&O Ferries promotional code! 

couporando.co.uk is the best website with valid Brittany Ferries coupons. If you haven't found any coupon of interest, you can always check Travel category to find shops similar to DFDS .

How to shop at P&O Ferries

Booking journeys  at a reduced cost with a P&O Ferries promotional code is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the route from P&O Ferries that interests you.
  2. Pick whether it should be one way ticket, or whether you want a return ticket as well.
  3. Once you have picked when you want to travel, the number of passangers and the way you want to travel, click on ‚Get quote’.
  4. Choose the time that suits you. You my even pick the name of a ship that you are about to travel on!
  5. Select the price you want to pay – Saver, Flexi or Flexi Extra.
  6. Then, decide in which group you want to be – Priority, Club Lounge or Club Plus.
  7. If you have a dog or a cat, you can then choose the number of your pets, and then press the button that says ’Continue’.
  8. Enter in your personal data and press ’Continue’
  9. Right now, you have the possibility to save some money by using a P&O Ferries voucher in the box that states ’eVoucher’.
  10. Then, enter in your card details, press ’Continue’ and that’s it!

As outlined above, the process of booking your ride with P&O Ferries is extremely to the point and simple. If you find yourself getting confused at any point, simply refer to the steps above, or feel free to contact their Customer Service Team (info below) should you have any questions about the process. 

Shopping at P&O Ferries

Payment options at P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries accepts the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro

If you're about to checkout out and pay, don't forget to redeem your P&O Ferries voucher before finalizing your payment!

Payment at P&O Ferries                                            

Returns at P&O Ferries

If you decide that you want to cancel your reservation at P&O Ferries, you will be able to receive a partial or an entire refund. This naturally depends on the the number of weeks the cancellation occurs before departure: 

2 weeks or less before departure - The Total Fare

2 - 4 weeks before departure - 50% of the Total Fare

4 - 8 weeks before departure - 25% of the Total Fare

8 weeks or more before departure – 15% of the Total Fare

Returns at P&O Ferries

Having a Problem? How to Contact P&O Ferries Customer Support

P&O Ferries provides urges you to call their Customer Service Team and to ask them any question you may be having. You can contact P&O Ferries via the following link:

P&O Ferries Customer Support

P&O Ferries Customer Support

P&O Ferries Social Media

P&O Ferries is a very modern company, which keeps in touch with their customers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Their followers have the opportunity to be informed about P&O Ferries events, special offers or, for instance, a P&O Ferries discount code and much more.

P&O Ferries social networks can be found on the following links:

Like P&O Ferries on Facebook

P&O Ferries on Facebook

Follow P&O Ferries on Twitter

Stay in touch with P&O Ferries on Pinterest

Learn more about P&O Ferries on Wikipedia

Remember that P&O Ferries sometimes tend to give out a P&O Ferries voucher there, so it is really worth keeping in touch with them!                        

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About P&O Ferries
Chris Yancey

Chris YanceyAuthor

Sometimes a flight or a trainride just doesn’t cut it for getting where you’re trying to go, which is where Poferries.com comes to the rescue. Not only is it a completely different experience traveling by ferry, but you can travel for less by using a P&O Ferries promotional code. A P&O Ferries voucher will help you get from point A to B for less, and are free to use. When using a P&O Ferries voucher, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to obtain a discount, so be sure to grab your P&O Ferries discount code before you hop aboard!



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