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Sky offers

Whoever believes that the television is dying doesn’t realize that the screen in the living room remains the primary source of entertainment for most people. To keep it that way, a wide variety of programmes is critical, which is exactly what Sky provides. With Sky you can easily watch your favorite films and TV shows, follow your favorite sports teams, watch live events, concerts, and more. You can even Sky codes to get discounts on your favorite Sky content!

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Last updated on 2016-10-05

About Sky

SKY Tv remote controlSky was established in 1990 at a time where interactive services were still in their early phases. But thanks to the ingenuity of Sky, they quickly recognized the potential of interactive entertainment and catered to the needs of future customers. One of the first huge moves that contributed to the success of Sky was securing the broadcast rights for Premier League matches, which has helped establish the company as one of the biggest players in delivering top level sports events to the living rooms of millions around the world. They even allow their customers to use Sky voucher codes to get access to services at even cheaper prices!

Sky currently broadcasts to over 10 million customers in the UK and Ireland, with revenues reaching close to a billion pounds in 2012. They currently employ over 24,000 people who go to great lengths to provide you with state of the art services and customer service. Sky is also intelligent in the way they invest money, and allocates significant parts of its profits for investments in networks and new options to keep them innovative and standing out from competitors. Their services are also affordable, with packages starting at under 25 pounds per month. Luckily for customers, Sky codes can also be used to make Sky’s services even more affordable. 

Facts about Sky

  • Founded in 1990
  • Employs over 24.000 people
  • Boasted revenues of almost a billion pounds in 2012

Sky on YouTube

Sky is a company that thrives on sharing with its customers, and if you subscribe to their YouTube channel, you can find lots of great information about the company, sales, products, upcoming programs and events, and much much more.

Sky Voucher codes – Assortment, Products & Brands

Being established in over 11 million homes comes with a huge degree of responsibility and creating standards, both of which Sky has excelled at. By offering high definition television and removing technological obstacles, the viewer then feels in control of his television, which is vital for a company like Sky. Sky thrives on constantly developing itself in a way that will provide customers with everything they need to keep coming back for more (including the option of using Sky voucher codes).

SKY decoderSky offers a huge variety of services to your home, including:

  • SkyTV
  • Sky+
  • Sky+HD
  • Skybroadband
  • SkyGo
  • SkyTalk
  • Sky3D
  • Radio programs
  • Sports channels
  • Movie channels
  • Adult entertainment
  • Education channels

…and much much more. Sky even gives you the opportunity via hardware to record your favorite shows/movies and watch them at any time you wish. Their broadband service not only goes up to 20MB, but also comes with 1 year of free virus protection and a router.

Are any of these genres starting to sound tempting? If yes, why not head over to Sky and browse their massive collection of content? Just don’t forget to grab one of our Sky discount codes before making your order!

Mobile & Social Media with Sky Discount Codes

Sky is a company that is all about providing accessibility to its customers, which is why it’s Sky Go service was created to give you access on PC’s, smartphones, and tablets.  You can find all the information you need about Sky Go and the devices it’s available for under the following link:


Sky strives to keep their customers wanting more, which is why they are very active on multiple social platforms. You can follow Sky on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the latest news, menu additions, and deals!

Sky social networks can be found on the following links:


SKY on Facebook


Be sure to check out these channels regularly, as you never know when Sky voucher code might be available!

Sky Shopping, Shipping and payments

Payment at SKY Ready to transform your living room into a theatre? Then let’s quickly run through the order process.  To purchase an item, you only need to follow a few very simple steps:

  1. Select the product/package you wish to become a subscriber to and click on it.
  2. Make sure it’s the one you want, and then press the “Join Sky” button (you can also upgrade if you are an existing customer).
  3. When you are finished reviewing your product and add-ons, press “Buy this bundle”.
  4. Enter in your Sky discount code when prompted in the voucher code field and press apply.
  5. Select your payment method and a setup date for your box.
  6. Wait for your package/service to arrive and enjoy your new service!

Sky accepts the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa 

Having a Problem? How to Contact Sky Customer Support

Sky wants to help to keep their products and services as accessible and easy to receive as humanly possible, and strives to assist their shoppers with any question or issue.

If you are having any issues, you can contact them directly with information from the following link:


You can even live chat with an operator on the website, so don’t hesitate to do so if you need a quick solution!

SKY Customer Support

Sky codes– How to redeem?

In most cases, you won’t even need a voucher code to receive a special deal at Sky. You can receive specific Sky codes by recommending a friend, which can then be applied directly on the Sky website and applied to your order. All information on how to redeem your Sky voucher codes can be found directly on Sky’s website.

Happy watching!

SKY order

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About Sky
Mia Rivera

Mia RiveraAuthor

Any fan of sports or movies has probably heard of Sky.com, and with the huge selection of programs that Sky offers, it’s no wonder the company has so many loyal customers. Many of those customers might not know that you can use Sky codes and Sky vouchers to reduce the price of your favorite programs, allowing you to enjoy more for even less! Sky promo codes are free for anyone to use, and require no signup or registration. So before you signup, be sure to get the most of your money with Sky codes before you purchase!


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