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Sonos offers

Sonos is a place that will restore your faith in quality items at lower prices. We have all dreamed about having a room designed in such a way that would deliver cinema quality sound to our music and movies sound. Now you can do just that at lower prices than ever before. Redeem your Sonos offers now and and immerseAbout Sonos yourself in high quality audio at a price you can afford!

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Last updated on 2016-02-02

About Sonos

A lot of people claim that mp3 players have killed high-quality music. The influx of poor quality recordings may seem like a detrimental phenomenon to some, but fortunately, there are still people that cherish excellent sound quality. Sonos is one of these companies, and aims to provide you with state of the art products that will enhance your music, help you notice details that you were previously unaware of and, finally, will make your home look and sound like a professional studio!

Redeeming Sonos offers is a great idea if you have a limited amount of disposable income and at the same time would like to invest in speakers that will last for decades. So why not use yours the next time you shop?

Facts about Sonos

  • Founded in 2002
  • 300 employees
  • Headquartered in Santa Barbara California

Redeeming a Sonos Gift card/certificate

To redeem your Sonos offers when ordering your products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Sonos website and browse all the sections available.
  2. Go to the „shop“ section and choose the set or item you want to purchase.
  3. You may click on it or add it to your basket directly.      
  4. Clicking on the product will redirect you to a page with its description, reviews and more photos.
  5. Now you may choose the quanity, colour, and add the product to your basket.
  6. Keep shopping or proceed to checkout. If you choose to checkout, you will be asked to give your personal details.
  7. Click continue and provide all the details necessary for payment. Here you may also redeem your Sonos offer by typing it in the box labeled „Enter Gift/Coupon Code”.
  8. Enjoy savings at Sonos!

Using Sonos offers is by no means difficult. To redeem your Sonos discount code, simply follow the instructions above.

Sonos on YouTube

Sonos is also very active on YouTube, where it provides its subscribers and viewers with very professional guides and clips on sound, company history, as well as products. Watching this channel will not only increase your knowledge when it comes to sound, but may even give you a chance to get a Sonos discount code, as some of the campaigns are for YouTube fans only.

Sonos offers – Assortment, Products & Brands

A Sonos discount code is a great way for shoppers to use the shop’s services at discounted prices. A lot of people took advantage of the many bargain opportunities, and visit the shop regularly to find the next great deal.

But what one can exactly buy there? Take a look at the list below!

  • Speakers
  • Home theatre
  • Playbars
  • Bridges
  • Wireless speakers
  • Connects
  • Controllers for Ipad
  • Controllers for Iphone
  • Controllers for Android
  • Mount kits
  • Cradles
  • Power cables
  • Wireless home theatres
  • Spotify speakers

How to shop at Sonos

Buying at Sonos is really an easy process which should not cause you any problems. If you, however, find yourself having trouble, please refer to the steps provided below. Here you will also get to know everything you need to redeem your Sonos discount code!

  1. Visit the Sonos website. Browse all the sections available: System, Home Theatre, Music, Shop or Support.
  2. Go to shop and choose the set you want to purchase.
  3. You may click on it or add it to basket straightaway.     
  4. Clicking on the product will redirect you to a page with its description, reviews and additional photos.
  5. You may now choose the quanity, colour and add the product to your basket.
  6. At this point you may keep shopping or proceed to checkout. If you choose the latter option, you will be asked to give your personal details.
  7. Click continue and by entering it in the box that says „Enter Gift/Coupon Code”.
  8. Enjoy savings at Sonos!

Payment options at Sonos

Sonos accepts the following payment methods:

  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Shipping and returns at Sonos

The shipping options at Sonos are as follows:

(Please note that the cost of delivery depends on the product you order. In general, however, there are two methods you may choose):

  • Standard – 3-4 working days is free
  • Express – 1 working day delivery is 33.29 pounds

To proceed with the return of items bought in Sonos, please follow the procedure below:

There are two conditions on which you may return the products bought at Sonos. First, you may give it back using a 1-year rule of the original shipment if the item is defective or within 60 days of shipment for any reason.

Steps which you should follow in both examples are presented on the company’s website. Below we present the exact steps you should follow to get a return within 60 days of shipment:

  1. Contact customer support and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Sonos must receive the item within 14 days of issuing the number.
  2. Use the original Sonos boxes, otherwise the item may be sent back to you at your expense
  3. Ship the product to Sonos. Add your RMA number. The company advises to ship the product back using UPS or FedEx.
  4. Send an email with Return Shipping Tracking Number to support@sonos.com.
  5. Obtain your refund. It may take 10-15 days for the credit to appear on your account.

Having a Problem? How to Contact Sonos Customer Support

Sonos is widely known as a company that stives to provide customers with the best possible service. This is why Sonos has prepared a fully-trained team of specialists to help with you with any problems you may encounter while browsing the offers on the shop. Apart from solving purely technical problems, the staff is trained to give you educated advice on how you should choose the proper speakers for your home. Lastly, please remember that you may also ask the team about the possibility of redeeming a Sonos offer.

To contact them, use the link below:

Sonos Customer Support

Sonos Social Media

The importance of social media nowadays is ever-increasing. Facebook and Twitter have myriads of companies that take advantage of the possibility of reaching wider audiences, which helps shoppers build a tighter relationship with the company. Various enterprises strive to keep their image as positive as possible on Facebook and the like, as it is one of the most basic channels of communication between companies and, especially younger clients. The possibility of getting a Sonos discount code makes it even more compelling to like the company!

Sonos is a brand that puts a lot of effort into design and the quality of its products, but also tries as hard as possible to create a positive, encouraging image of the brand on social media. It is no mystery why positive reviews on Facebook or a huge numer of followers on Twitter is one of the most convincing signs of a company’s popularity, as such factors can help to boost sales figures and make the enterprise more recognizable. Finally, you may also recieve very nice Sonos offers if you follow the company’s Facebook page carefully enough!

Mobile Shopping at Sonos

Providing easy access to products is an essential part of any company, which is why Sonos has created apps for Android, the iPhone, and the iPad. This allows shoppers to shop from the comfort of their mobile device, giving them even more opportunities to browse their great selection of products. You can download the apps from the following links:

Sonos on Android

Sonos on iPhone

Sonos on iPad

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About Sonos

When I watch a movie or play a game, I love when the sound blows me out of my seat, which is why I get my audio equipment at Sonos.com. But what also blows me away is the prices when I use a Sonos discount code! Sonos offers a huge variety of audio equipment that will bring an all new experience to your media, and a free Sonos discount code can provide a great reduction on the products that Sonos offers. So before you shop for your new system, be sure to grab your free Sonos discount code to save!



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