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Thorntons discount code

If you are a fan of chocolate, then have we got something just for you! Thorntons is a well known producer of chocolate known around the world, and allows you to find every possible flavor of chocolate, along with gifts for Valentines Day, Christmas, an anniversary or a birthday! Not only are you given a wide range of possibilities to choose from, but also you can use a unique Thorntons discount code to get your purchase at a lower price!

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About Thorntons

Chocolates by ThorntonsThorntons has over 100 years of experience to offer their customers. Their first shop was opened in Sheffield in 1911. The founder, Joseph William Thornton, was a travelling confectioner who created the company with his two sons, Norman and Stanley. Already in 1910, Thorntons served Kumzle cakes, Violet Cachous, Phul-Nanas and Curiously Strong Mints. But it did not stop there! During the 1920's, new products were introduced, such as Rose Creams, Fruit Creams and Chocolate Brazil.

Thorntons is also well very known for their Easter eggs. The Easter eggs rise to fame started in 1922 when two brothers started making icing names on Easter eggs. They started to write their names on them in front of the customer and packaged them neatly in a white box. The advertisement for the eggs was “Every Egg in a neat white box”.

In 1924, the brothers continued to create new flavours in order to satisfy even the pickiest of customers. Stanley produced “Thorntons Special Tofee” that year, which went on to become the best most well known product of the Thorntons company, and continues to hold this title to this day. Because of that, “Thorntons” and “Toffee” became almost synonymous.

In the 1940's, the brothers decided that it was time to expand their business, which led to them they acquiring a factory in Derbyshire. To this day, Thortons remains a family ran company that focues on creating chocolate of the highest quality. Their chocolate can be found in over 600 stores across the UK, and now even online!

So don’t waste this opportunity to try out their yummy chocolates, and use Thorntons voucher codes to save more when doing it!

Facts about Thorntons

  • In 2010 Thorntons celebrated 100th birthday
  • Thornton was established by Joseph William Thornton and his two sons
  • By shopping online you can use Thorntons promotional code!

Redeeming a Thorntons discount code

To redeem your Thornton  promo code when ordering their delicious products, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to http://www.thorntons.co.uk/
  2. Browse through scrumptious products and add them to your basket.
  3. Go to your basket and type in/paste your promotional code.
  4. Proceed to check out
  5. Enjoy your discount!

It is that easy to make your purchase for a very low price! Just remember to use a Thorntons discount code everytime you shop online!

Thorntons cart

Thortons on YouTube

If you interested in learning about the procedure of the production of those yummy sweets, then you should definititly check out this video on YouTube (you can naturally subscribe to their channel if you like what you see!):

Thorntons promo code – Assortment and Products

Thorntorns is unequalled when it comes to the range of products that they offer. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate or chocolate with no sugar – it’s all here! Apart from that, you have a huge variety of choices when it comes to flavours:

  • Fruit
  • Mint
  • Marzipan
  • Nuts
  • Toffee
  • Turkish Delight
  • Caramel
  • Fudge
  • Ginger

You can try each of these at discount prices thanks to our Thorntons promo code which will allow you to pay less each time you order!

What’s more, Thorntons specialises in spectacular gifts for your friends and family. Thorntons gift offers include:

  • Gifts for Valentines Day
  • Gifts for Him
  • Gifts for special occasions
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Mothers Day Gifts
  • Gifts for kids
  • Just Because Gifts
  • Easter Eggs
  • Gift for Her
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Thank you Gifts
  • Flower & Plants

If you are looking for something more personal, Thorntons naturally has something for you! At Thorntons' you can find unique, personalised presents like a Thortons Photo Box, Alphabet truffles, or unique shapes for chocolates and chocolate boxes!

These wonderful offers are just few clicks away, so don’t hesitate to use Thorntons voucher codes when purchasing them!

Chocolate by Thorntons

How to shop at Thorntons

  1. Shopping at Thorntons Browse for the unique flavour that suits you best. Add it to your basket.
  2. Proceed to checkout and then sign in or start an account by typing in your personal data.
  3. Remember to type in your Thortons discount code.
  4. Continue to delivery options and then to payment methods.
  5. Wait for confirmation email.
  6. Enjoy your purchase!

It is so easy to order your favourite sweets or get a special gift for someone close to your heart. But remember to use a Thorntons promotional code to save some money while your doing it!


Delivery options at Thorntons

Shipping at Thorntons

There are a few delivery options to chose from:

  • Standard delivery (3-5 days)
  • Premium delivery (Monday -Saturday)
  • Delivery to Business/Hospital addresses
  • International delivery

Whether you choose standard delivery or premium, remember to use Thorntons promo code to get your purchase at the best price possible!

Thorntons charity

Thortons is a company which is involved in various charity projects, and actively supports various programs. One of them is ethical sourcing. Over 300 different materials are used to create their chocolates, and all of them come from places with high levels of ethical, social and environmental standards. To ensure this standard is maintained, the Thorntons team visits the sources around the world in personally.

Moreover, Thorntons buy cocoa from two of the most respected suppliers: Barry Callebaut and Cargill. This way it’s ensured that cocoa comes from ethical sourcing and that no illegal, abusive or child enforced labour is involved.

Thorntons is also involved in aiding various local communities by recruiting from local regions and supporting local businesses. 

Thorntons assortment

Having a Problem? How to Contact Thorntons Customer Support

A competent support team and professional advice is something very important to have when shopping online, which is why Thorntons encourages each client to contact them directly in case of any problems with an order or questions about delivery. Even if you are in need of advice about chocolate tastes, the friendly Customer support team will do their very best to answer all your inquiries. To reach Customer Service follow this link:


Thorntons customer support

Thorntons Social Media

Thorntons social media pages can be found on the following links:


Thorntons on facebook



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Thorntons Online Shop on June 2022
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Julie Chavez

Julie ChavezAuthor

Know anyone that likes chocolate? Silly question right? At Thorntons.co.uk, not only can you drown yourself in every type of chocolate under the sun, but you can get your hands on it cheaper by using a Thorntons discount code! Thorntons offers a huge variety of chocolate that satisfy your sweet tooth, which can all be discounted by taking advantage of a free Thorntons promotional code. I was able to get a huge discount on Toffee and Fudge simply by pasting a Thorntons voucher code into a box, and you can do the same!


Thorntons plc

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DE55 4XJ Derbyshire
Telephone hotline:0845 / 121 1911
Availability:Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6pm, Sat 8.30am to 2.30pm
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